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You probably haven’t noticed (or maybe you have!) small changes behind the scenes I’ve been making around here the last couple of weeks.  I changed our Instagram account from @Tech4Moms to @FamilyTech, Twitter was renamed to @FamilyTechZ, Pinterest was renamed to Family Tech Zone, and the URL you are visiting changed!  Today, I get to officially launch the rebrand though, as my Facebook page finally let me edit the name!  So I thought today was as good a day as any to officially announce the change!

What does the name/logo change mean exactly though, for you?

Let me start at the beginning… a very good place to start.  When I started blogging in 2007, the blogosphere was a very different place.  My blog at the time was called Organized Mom.  I created it mainly to drive traffic to my, now defunct, software to help busy mom’s get organized.  My passion was never the “organizing”, my passion has always been the technology.  I have been an IT Manager for over 15 years, and I know a little something about the topic.  In 2009 I registered and launched my tech blog.  Originally the name was a play on those books “such and such for dummies”, but the “joke” fell flat, and really no one (and I mean NO ONE) made the connection.  I shortened it to Tech4Moms probably about a year later, but my Facebook page still always said “for Mommies” and it drove me crazy.  Plus, I never changed the URL, so even though I would tell people to go to it would redirect to the original

While my hope in establishing this site was to educate women on technology, I found that dads would often come to me for advice as well.  I really feel strongly that both parents in a family need to have a united technology front, and that can only be achieved when they both understand the technology in the world.  Whenever my guy friends would comment on something I’ve shared from my site, they would always feel the need to clarify “well, I’m not a mom, but….” or “I know I’m not your target, but…” which would also drive me crazy, as I felt I had good information to share for both parents.

Over time, I’ve also wanted to create side projects such as TechKidsTV, and others, but never had the time and energy to put into creating yet another online space.  I was already busy managing both Organized Mom, Tech4Moms, a full time job, and not to mention the kids and stuff!  The point being, I was feeling really disjointed and annoyed with the state of my brand.

So, I started to think about the family as a whole, which it really should have been all along.  A place for kids to get information, a place for parents to get information, a place for the whole family to land to understand the technological world that is all around them.  As I bring it all under the same umbrella it just feels right.

I’ve also just typically shared the same kinds of things on all of the social platforms at the same time, but am realizing now, people go to the different platforms to see different things.  With that, my social sharing is going to drastically change as well.

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We hope you are just as excited about our change as we are!  Make sure to let us know what you think on any of the above social channels, or even right here in the comments!

Thanks for being a reader, and we hope to offer you great content.


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Sarah Werle Kimmel is a digital parenting coach and family tech expert. She has spent the last 20 years of her career working as a Microsoft Certified IT Manager supporting over 100 small businesses. During that time she started Family Tech LLC to help families understand and manage the technology in their home. She has regularly appeared as a family tech expert on local NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX news affiliates, BYUtv and Studio 5, and has been invited all over the world from tech companies like Lenovo, Verizon, Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung. Find out more on her website

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