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It’s that time of year again, and this time Target actually DOES have my coveted white chocolate covered Oreo’s in stock!  I bought them on Saturday, and have been in heaven ever since.  I don’t know about you, but for me, the month of November has completely FLOWN by!  So much so, that I’m actually getting this list out later than I had anticipated.  So, without further ado, here is the list of tech goodies you are going to want to get as a gift this holiday season, and give to all those awesome folks on your gift giving lists this year!  Many of these products will be featured in posts over the next few days!  If you want to win the WHOLE THING, just fill out the entry form below.  See our Official Rules.

For the Kids:

Splurge: Skylanders Giants – $74.99 (for the starter pack) – My daughter is completely obsessed with this game.  I think my husband is a little bit obsessed with it as well.  It is a video game that is available on just about any system (wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS).  The game comes with a “Portal of Power” and a couple toys. When you place the toys on the Portal of Power, they come to life in the game, and you are able to play as the toys.  It’s completely brilliant since you can end up spending a small fortune purchasing all of the toys.  The game is really fun, and at 7 years old my daughter is able to beat the game all by herself.  She obviously gets her gaming abilities from her dad.

Affordable:Hot Wheels Wall Tracks – $25 –  When we purchased our first set of wall tracks for my son, ALL of the kids ended up playing with it for hours!  You can check out the video of us playing with our set in my son’s room here.  This is the perfect toy, because not only do the kids love to play with it as the cars flip and turn all over the track, but since the tracks are on the wall, there is no clean up involved!  You can leave them out and still have the floor nice and tidy all day long!  Seriously, my favorite toy that the kids have.  Also, my son isn’t the only one who plays with it.  The neighbor kids and my daughter LOVE to play with the tracks!

For the Home:

Splurge: Linksys Smart Wifi Router – $349.99 – Coming up will be a whole week of posts dedicated to this bundle, but THIS is the wireless router you want in your home.  Gone are the days that our equipment is hard wired.  I can’t even count how many things are running on our wireless network.  Our 4 computers, the xbox, the ps3, the wii, the DirecTV, the Roku, the phones, the tablets, the list goes on and on and on.  If you don’t have a router that can keep up with all of the traffic, then you may as well still have dial up.  Plus there are so many great features on this router that can allow you to prioritize your traffic based on service (such as give Netflix a lot of the traffic) or based on device (Sarah’s laptop always has priority over everything else in the house).

Affordable: Logitech Washable Keyboard – $35 – The day I found out about this keyboard, I knew I had to have it in my house.  We have an all-in-one touch screen computer… in our kitchen.  That keyboard has seen better days.  Even though we tell the kids they aren’t allowed to eat at the computer, it can happen.  So the amazing thing about this keyboard is that I can dunk the whole thing in water and wash it out!  Since it’s mainly waterproof, it’s also protected against any spills that could get on it.  Definitely a must have accessory for a family area computer.

Splurge(ish): Simple Human Compact Sensor Pump – $35 – When  you walk into a public restroom, just about anywhere built in the last 5 or so years everything in that bathroom is automatic.  From the toilet flushing, to the soap and water and even the paper towels.  I’m just waiting for the day when they start using automatic door openers too and I’d never have to touch ANYTHING in a public restroom.  I heard something recently at my little retreat from Simple Human (which I’ll go into full details later!), but it’s “why would you want to touch something that other people touch when they need to clean their hands”.  It totally makes sense.  People touch the soap dispenser when their hands are dirty.  What about when you are cleaning the bathroom or doing something else and you need to move that item to another location.  Now you are touching the thing that everyone else touches right after they went to the bathroom.  Fun!  The awesome thing about the Simple Human soap dispenser is that it’s super quick to find your hand and dispense the soap.  They researched it A LOT, and it feels like magic!

Affordable: America’s Favorite Food from Cookbook – $15 – I am a horrible cook.  I mean, REALLY bad.  If I don’t have exact instructions for a recipe, it will not turn out well.  I’ve tried to improvise a few times.  It was a disaster.  This cookbook is AMAZING.  Why?  Because all throughout the cookbook you can use your smart phone and point it at a picture and it will link you to videos on how to make the recipe, tips on how to prepare certain things, or recipes that would go along great with the recipe you just scanned with your phone!  I love how, using an app, you can make this static content come to life!  This cookbook is the future of cookbooks, and I’m super excited where the future is heading!

Accessories for the Ladies:

Splurge: Kaboo Bags Purse – $125ish (depending on selected sytle) – As soon as I saw this purse I knew that it must be mine.  Most “tech” purses are geared towards toting around a DSLR camera.  While I do own a DSLR camera, I RARELY tote it around.  You know what I DO tote around all the time?  My tablet.  These purses have a “tech pouch” that fits a tablet perfectly!  I was even able to fit my Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook inside!  The padding is fantastic and really the whole purse is incredibly cute.  Tons of storage areas, and I can fit so much inside!  This is the best purse I have ever owned, hands down.

Affordable: Agloves Grip Touch Gloves – $30 – I’ve reviewed other gloves before that have technology to allow you to use your touch screen devices, but these beat them all.  First the gloves are super responsive on my touch screens (phone/tablet/etc).  I haven’t had a problem with trying to get it in exactly the right spot.  Second, it has this fantastic grip on the inside of the gloves.  I’m a total butterfingers, so this part was completely essential for me.  I feel confident that I won’t drop my phone (well, not completely confident, I am still ME after all).  The other thing I like about these gloves as opposed to others I’ve reviewed is how warm they are!  That is a very important part for me as I sit here in the freezing cold Utah winter.

For Anyone!:

Splurge: HTC Windows Phone 8x– $450 (without contract) – The Windows 8 phones have arrived, and they are be-au-ti-ful!!  With a 4.3 inch screen, and the Windows 8 interface, there is not a prettier phone out today.  Windows Phone, I have always said, is the most gorgeous mobile operating system available.  The camera has 8 MP, and it’s own chip to control the image, which allows for fantastic pictures, even in low light.  Like most HTC devices, this one also comes with Beats Audio for unmatched sound.

Affordable: XO Skins Carbon Fiber Skin-$20 -If you are getting ANY sort of device this year, you need to protect it.  From drops, to scratches, to just about everything we put our phones through.  The carbon fiber skins can give you a splash of color on an otherwise common looking device.  Not only do they look great, but they are really strong, and will keep the device you just spent a fortune on, looking great all year long!


Disclosure:  I came up with this list, and then contacted the companies to request the product for the giveaway.  Luckily, most of the brands I contacted were completely on board with it!  Thank you to HTC, XoSkins, Logitech, Kaboo, Agloves,, Cisco (Linksys), Hot Wheels, and Activision for being so generous to my readers!
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