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We’re coming down to the wire on Christmas!  If you haven’t found that perfect gift for the people on your list yet, this week, I’ve got you covered.  Every day will be the top 5 tech gifts to give to the different people in your life!  Today we start out with the Babies/Toddlers!

Tiggly – There is a great deal of toys that are coming out that interact with devices.  The Tiggly is by far one of my favorites for Toddlers.  There are currently 3 packs you can purchase.  One for learning Math, one for Shapes, and the other for words.  I have always been such a sucker for educational electronics, and Tiggly does not disappoint.  One of the great things about the Tiggly sets, is that they aren’t limited to a single app.  Each set has several different apps to choose from, and they are continuing to develop more, so there is always something new on the horizon once you have the core set.  Tiggly works with both Android and iOS devices, which makes it awesome in my book.


Incredbooks – Again we are talking about virtually interacting with real objects.  Incredebooks are really very fun.  You have a real book, that you can read all on it’s own, but if you have your tablet handy, pages of the book can come to life!  My Son, who’s Mickey Mouse obsession truly knows no bounds, is seriously in LOVE with his “Mickey and Donald’s Rhyme Time” book.  They also have a Frozen book, but our house isn’t that into Frozen.


Tag Jr. – What I love about the entire LeapFrog line, is that it really doesn’t expect your child to just learn everything through the device.  It encourages parents to get involved with the systems.  I fully credit LeapFrog devices as what had my Son reading like a champ at age 3.  I’m not even kidding.

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Nabi Jr. – If you are looking for a starter tablet for your children, the Nabi devices are by far the best suited for the job.  They have a ton of parental controls baked right in, and has an AMAZING educational system called Wings.

Osmo – My ONLY complaint about the Osmo is that it only works with iOS.  If that wasn’t the case I would be have the biggest crush on this product.  I already have such a crush on it, that I’ve lifted my “no talking about your product until it’s available for both Android and iOS” rule for it.  It’s a lot like the Tiggly, but definitely more for the older kids!  The Tangrams are probably my favorite because it teaches problem solving skills, but I really love all of the apps.  My kids use the drawing app the most, as you can take a picture of something in real life and then be able to “trace” the image onto real paper.  My daughter especially likes to use it to make mashups of Pokemon and How to Train Your Dragon characters.  She’s really very talented at it, and this is just helping her increase her skills.


Kano – I am SO excited about this product.  On my Son’s Christmas wish list he wrote “My Own Computer”.  Now, he’s 6… I’m not going out and buying him a brand new desktop or a laptop.  I DID think this was the perfect opportunity to give him a computer that he can MAKE himself!  Both of my children are very into coding… what can I say… they have me for a mom, it’s in their blood.  So, I’m super excited about teaching my Son all about the inner workings of a computer and how to create things with it!


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