Kids Learning Technology: Proper Care

I cringe when I speak to other parents and they say how they could never leave the computer CD’s in reach of the children, or they just say how messed up the CD games are because of their children.  Children have the ability to understand how to put things away!  They also know how to properly care for their items… IF YOU TEACH THEM!  For proof here is a video of my daughter (4 years old) properly putting away her game when she is done using it.


My husband and I have taken a lot of time to help her understand the proper way to handle a CD, and that it needs to go back in it’s case or in the CD organizer that we have given her.  She is the same way with her DVD’s.  She will search the whole room until she finds the proper DVD case to put her movie away in.  This is not an impossible task.  The CD case you see in the video was purchased at Target, and I think the best case to hold CD games for children.  It is easy for them to put away, and to get out, and you can see each CD so you know exactly what you are getting. 

I’ve even seen adults not handle CD’s and DVD’s properly, and to that I say, your children will mimic you.  If you put a lot of thought, care, and effort into taking good care of your things, your children will too.  If they see that you don’t care, they won’t care either. 

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  • i LOVE this… seriously, this is what i hope my daughter is doing in a few years. from when she was able to crawl we have insisted that she put away her toys (carefully) and respect her things. amazingly, she is the only one in her playgroup that puts things away, and is constantly being told “oh, you don’t need to pick that up” by other adults… by other adults! i don’t think they realize they are not doing her any favors by allowing her to leave her toys wherever she pleases.
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  • LOL… Amy, you are only one of the many people I know that don’t take care of their CD’s… 🙂 Leanne! You are a kindred spirit! I totally agree with you on the adults saying “you don’t need to pick that up” seriously… YOU AREN’T DOING MY CHILD ANY FAVORS! Amen to the 100th degree!

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