Talking to your Kids About Internet Safety

I believe that it is never too early to start having a talk with your kids about how to stay safe online.  Internet safety is all about being open and honest with your kids about the dangers that are online.  Have frequent conversations with them, so that when and if they encounter something, they will know exactly what to do.  Also they won’t try to keep it a secret from you because they know that they will not get into trouble if they come straight to you and talk to you about what happened.

Google has a great online game that teaches internet safety for kids called Interland.

Enjoy the video of my daughter and I having a conversation about internet safety, also… today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Maddie!

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  • I have a just turned 5 year old at my house too. I had him watch the video and he really liked it. Great information and Happy Birthday to your girl. Thanks!

  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing and I agree with everything as I also believe in open, clear (age-appropriate) conversations with my kids.

    I am wary however of how much exposure I give my kids online. I assume you don’t feel the same since your daughter is now on a very public video.

    I limit the photos, videos and use of my children’s names on-line. Don’t you have concerns that someone will go up to your kid and say (God forbid), “I know your mommy Sarah and she asked me to bring you home, come with me.” Even if your daughter knows enough not to go and to yell “STRANGER!” I’m sure you wouldn’t want her to go through that. Why showcase her online?

    • First, I would never/have never let my children out of my sight when we are outside of our home. They don’t walk to my sister’s house just down the street by themselves. I don’t even let the 14 year old girl who is coming to our house to babysit 5 houses down walk to our house by herself. I walk over pick her up and we walk back.

      Just because you choose to keep your childrens identity private online, does not ensure their safety, If you think they aren’t vulnerable to the same situations, you might want to think again!

      Lastly, the abduction statistics show that more likely your children will be kidnapped by someone they already know (who would already know information about them, like their name and their parents names). 82% of the abductions in this country are by family members. 18% are from Non-family members, and of those 18%, only 32% are by complete strangers.

      So while I choose not to be completely private with my children and their names ONLINE, I am a Mama bear in person (where it really counts). My philosophy is that if someone wanted to find out information about me or my family, they will find it, no matter how private I TRY to keep it online. In about 5 minutes I was able to find all 3 of your children’s names, ages, and pictures of them (I won’t post them here, but if you want I’ll email it to you). So, lets get real and understand that the internet is a large and scary place where you can find information about anything at the drop of a hat, no matter how hard we try to keep it private.

      So again, I try to worry about the things I can control, like watching them like a hawk, and not letting them alone long enough for anything bad to happen to them. We just had a story locally where the mom let her child play in the toys section of a store, while she shopped, and something bad happened. My husband and I were SHOCKED that someone would let their child out of their sight in a store! Something we would NEVER EVER do.

  • Charlie, I’m concerned your kids would think they can get into someone’s car just because the person had information, like their mother’s name or some secret password. My kids have been taught I will never send someone to pick them up that they don’t know. It would always be an Aunt, a grandparent, or someone they actually know!