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So, in the interest of full disclosure.  I actually have had this device for over a year now.  I was contacted by the company to do a review, and informed them that I already used and loved the device, so of course I’d be happy to review it, they didn’t even have to send me one… already got it!

We love our Holly Hound.  My husband surprised us one Christmas with a dog.  Holly is a rescued lab from the local animal shelter.  My husband LOVES this dog.  I love her too, but he’s extremely attached.  I always say he’d make an excellent K-9 Officer because he just loves to work with dogs so much.

I work from home, and sometimes when the kids come home from school, or a friend comes over to ask them to play, Holly wanders outside.  She never “runs away” but it’s definitely more of an exploration of the area.  She usually comes right back inside with a simple whistle or a “Holly!  Come on inside!”.  Often, though, the kids will forget she’s outside when they shut the door.  Holly takes this opportunity to wander the neighborhood.

There has been 2 occasions where she has been actually honest to goodness lost.  Of course both happened under my watch, so I felt horrible!  Luckily in both situations, the neighborhood right next to ours has a Facebook group, and we just happen to be good friends with ONE family in that neighborhood.  The person that found Holly took a picture of her and posted it on their Facebook group, and the family that we know saw the post and texted us, knowing that it was our dog.  The second time it was a similar situation, but I am now a member of that Facebook group so I can know next time.

We determined that after the second time though, that there wouldn’t be a next time, and started looking into things that could help us prevent it.  We finally narrowed down our options and settled on Tagg… here’s why….

Text notifications – First, when Holly leaves the Tagg “home area” the Tagg system will send my phone a text message notifying me of it.  Usually when Holly gets out, she doesn’t RUN anywhere, so if I know she is out wandering sooner than later, I can just run outside and whistle for her, and she’ll come right back.  Knowing when it happens right away is the main thing that has helped us keep her safe at home.

2014-03-17 21.00.22

Email notifications – Not only will my phone receive a text message when she gets outside of the “zone”, I’ll get an email message too.  Just in case I’ve got my phone charging somewhere in the house, but I’m working at my desk…


Current location tracking – If she does happen to wander out and she has wandered further than I can see, or doesn’t come back right away when I whistle, I can pull up the Tagg Tracker app on my phone and find out her exact current location.  This definitely ends the need for me to ride my bike all over the neighborhood whistling, or hanging my head out the car window calling her name.  I can head to her location and get her leash back on and bring her home.



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Activity Tracking – Just like I have a Fitbit to help keep me active and healthy, you can track your pet’s daily activity and they can earn Tagg points to help you keep them healthy.  Dogs need ___ of activity every day, and checking this setting can help you get them in that target zone, so they can be a member of your family for a very long time.

We love our Holly hound so much, and could not imagine our family without her in it.  We are so grateful that we can be confident we won’t have a sleepless night wondering where our family member has disappeared to this time!

This post is sponsored by Tagg Pet Tracker, but as I mentioned previously, I was already using and loving the product, so it was a no brainer!

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