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T-Mobile and Sprint Will Merge

In tech news today, T-Mobile and Sprint have finally announced that they will combine to form one company. The combined company will be named T-Mobile, and it will help T-Mobile’s Un-carrier strategy of attempting to disrupt the marketplace and lay the foundation for U.S. companies and innovators to lead in the 5G era.

The newly launched website promotes the benefits of the merger and their dedication to accelerating 5G networks across the country. The companies claim that the merger will actually create jobs instead of eliminating them as the companies combine. The new company expects prices to drop as competition heats up. The New T-Mobile also claims that they will have lower costs, greater economies of scale, and unprecedented network capacity – a winning combination that should make wireless, and adjacent industries like cable and broadband, more affordable for everyone.

In the announcement, it was not clear how the merger will affect current customers of both networks, but I’m sure more details will be forthcoming. I assume that the current Sprint customers will be rolled into T-Mobile customers and their current contracts will be transferred over to T-Mobile with the same contract terms.

This will definitely be interesting to watch and see how the merger will affect AT&T and Verizon!

Watch the video of their announcement

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