SYNC Technology and MyFord Touch

While at Ford Motor Company I was really excited to check out the technology they have included in their new cars.  I mainly wanted to see the MyFord Touch with SYNC.  This technology really made me want a new Ford car!

First you can pair your Bluetooth phone to the car so you can use hands free calling.  Once paired you simply have to speak commands to dial.  For example you would say “Call Hubby” and the car will call Hubby through your phone, using your phone’s address book.  This also works for incoming calls.  The incoming call will show up on the car’s dashboard and you can easily answer the phone hands free.

SYNC also uses voice commands to manage your music and entertainment.  You can plug in an mp3 player, a USB drive, or an SD Card.  If you want to play all of the songs in the Pop Genre you just say “play genre pop” and it will play those songs.  You can also select playlists, artists, and individual songs.  I always get so nervous when my husband is flipping through the songs on his iPod.  This makes selecting songs easy and hands free, so you can concentrate on driving instead of finding the song you want.

Another great feature is that you can control the climate via voice commands as well.  You can turn on the AC, set the car to a certain temperature, and adjust your fan levels.

The last area I wanted to talk about is the Traffic and Directions feature.  This handy little feature would have been VERY helpful just this afternoon.  I worked late, and then went to a friends office to help out with some computer things there.  I didn’t get on the road until right smack dab in the middle of rush hour.  I passed an exit, and was curious how much further the traffic was going to last.  I picked up my phone, called my sister, who then had to look it up online for me and tell me which exit the traffic was going to start to clear up.  Then, after I learned that I was going to be a while, I decided to take the next exit and go up a side road.  Well, then I hit a ton of traffic on the side road as well, and finally came up on an accident that had occurred on the side road.  Had I known about the second traffic incident I could have tried to get around that too.  So instead of a normal 20 minute commute, I was on the road for a good 75 minutes!  Which could have been greatly avoided if I had a nice new Ford Explorer with MyFord Touch!

Here is some video of the demonstration of the MyFord Touch.  I apologize for the shakyness of the video.

Now that you’ve seen my shaky video of it, check out the MyFord Touch Interactive Demo on Ford’s own website, and check out the fun features for yourself!

More Ford fun continues tomorrow, when I show you how to make a Ford F150, with Ford’s Green initiatives on Thursday, and a full video of my days in Michigan for Vlog Friday!

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