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My husband is going back to school.  Well, not exactly, but he is going into the Police Academy.  We are really excited about his new career!  They sent him an email with all the curriculum in pdf files and Word documents.  We printed out the HUGE documents and had them bound at FedEx.  We also loaded the files onto our Windows 8 Acer laptop so he could take notes on the laptop as well.  Now we needed a way for him to carry all of this stuff, PLUS his uniform (as they need to change into physical training uniforms for their workouts).  Fortunately for us Staples was gracious enough to send us a SwissGear backpack for Back To School !

The first thing we noticed about this backpack is that the cushioning on the back has “ventilation shafts” to keep your back nice and cool while lugging your stuff all over campus.  The cushions around the “ventilation shafts” are super comfy, and we felt they really anchored the backpack to the back, without feeling heavy or too hot.




Let’s talk about the laptop pocket though, because that’s the most important part, I believe.  A backpack is only as good as how safe it can keep a laptop when a ton of other books and harder materials are being shoved inside of it.   The laptop pocket on this guy does not disappoint.



The cushioning goes around all sides of the laptop, including a reinforced cushioned bottom.  My favorite part about the laptop pocket is the adjustable velcro strap.  I have a larger laptop and a super small portable laptop.  Whenever I put my Acer inside a laptop pocket on other cases, I feel like it’s swimming in there.  They do not secure the various sizes well enough.  The adjustable strap and the way the pocket is laid out fit both my larger laptop and the smaller one extremely snugly.


Another pocket that caught my attention was a smaller pocket located right at the top.  It’s very well padded as well, and is the perfect location for a cell phone.  The pocket is shallow, so you won’t have to dig forever to find it when it’s ringing, and has a ring inside that you can wire headphones through.  The headphones then get wired out of a special spot near the top of the backpack.



The last pocket I wanted to specifically mention was the front pocket, which is the perfect place for all those school supplies that you are going to need when starting out the new year.  As you can see, my husband went to Staples and stocked up…



The straps and zippers on this backpack are completely solid.  The top handle/strap is even reinforced with a thick metal cable.  It’s got more pockets than I can probably even find right now, and I’m sure you’d be able to find a place to put anything you need to bring with you.

Staples has a huge selection of back to school backpacks that are perfect for all the technology you are required to bring with you to class these days!  Our “back to school” is starting just a little bit early this year, but the kids will actually only be a few weeks behind his start!  It’s getting close!  Wish my husband luck as he starts this new endeavor!  I really could not be more proud of him!

Disclosure: Staples provided the backpack free of charge.  No other compensation was provided.  My husband went to Staples and provided the pens, markers, paper, notebook, pencils, etc himself.

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