SuperShell by M-Edge

It’s the SuperShell!

I am seriously so stoked to tell you about this amazing new case for the iPad 2. Made by M-Edge, the SuperShell was not only voted one of our CES Best in Show products, it is hands down one of the best priced cases for the iPad 2 at just $29.99.

Check out the bright atomic green color, and eye catching design!

The SuperShell is super kid friendly. The case contours for easy holding, and the awesome dimpled texture promotes easy gripping as well.

The SuperShell is made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam. This means the foam actually absorbs shock for when, not if, your iPad gets dropped. Trust me friends, if you have kids, it’s gonna happen.

The SuperShell fits snuggly over your iPad 2, and still has several openings allowing your rear facing camera, speaker, volume buttons, and power button to still function.

Man, that’s a good lookin’ iPad 2 case.

Now, let’s talk some serious business. I tried out the SuperShell with everyone from toddler to teen. But what really impressed me was when I took it to my sons local special education classroom.

The school district is trying out this amazing new pilot program. They purchased three iPad’s for our autistic classroom – one iPad 1 and two iPad 2’s. The class consists of several teachers, and thirteen adorable elementary aged kids all with various degrees of autism. The kids earn work and play time on the iPads with good grades and behavior. The only problem, the classroom lacked the funding to purchase cases.

Can you imagine three unprotected iPads with thirteen children? Ahhhhh!

Well, M-Edge would not hear of that. Right away they sent two cases for the classroom to use. Nice!

(Since the SuperShell is intended for the iPad 2, Laura over at iLatch is hookin’ them up with a case for their iPad 1.)

I hand delivered the cases myself, and let me just tell you, those are some super duper happy teachers. The SuperShell performed fabulously in class, and this particular cutie did great adjusting the volume and power button.

In fact, the only thing this guy got frustrated over was that he wanted me to show him the screen-lock password so he could turn the iPad back on when his turn was over. So sad! (But seriously smart teachers, don’t you think?!)

Thanks M-Edge for letting me try out the SuperShell, and a HUGE thank you for hookin’ this class up with some much needed cases. The SuperShell is a fabulous case for babes, toddlers, preschoolers, and special needs children too.

To learn more or purchase the SuperShell, visit M-Edge here.


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