Super Spooky Halloween Tech!

Apps that can help keep your trick or treater safe and other Halloween tech for your family!

I have a confession to make. I kinda hate Halloween. OK, not kinda. I hate Halloween. From the pumpkin carving to the dressing up, to bringing my kids trick-or-treating…it’s all terrible. So, it takes all my power just to get through October, cause at the end of October it is time for Hallmark Christmas movies! However, bringing tech into things I hate, generally makes it a bit better for me, since I LOVE new tech! So, here are some great ways to add some Halloween tech through some fun apps to make this Halloween the best one yet!

Halloween tech


This app is generally used for neighborhood information. You can promote a business, list things for sale, check out local events and more. The main problem with this app is that it works best when your entire neighborhood participates.

Many people are already using Facebook groups for this, so signing them up for yet another platform can be a big ask. However, the app may have finally found its “in” to encourage downloads. The app has added a “Treat Map” just in time for Halloween.

Nextdoor app treat map

You can mark your address as giving out regular treats, allergy-free treats or if you have a haunted house! Obviously not a whole lot of people in my neighborhood are using the app quite yet, so it doesn’t do us a lot of good. However, it may catch on for next year!

Trick or Treat counter

Every year my sister is obsessed with figuring out how many trick or treaters she gets! One year, I think she even purchased a little counter to keep by the door. Now she just goes app-based. You can download a standard counter app, or there are a few specific Trick or Treat counter apps you can download to add a little Halloween flair to it.

Counting is actually pretty helpful when you try to plan for how much candy to buy for next year. I always buy entirely too much. How many Trick or Treaters will your house get this year?

Halloween tech candy counter

Life 360 or a GPS Watch

If your child is getting a little older, and you are thinking of letting them go out Trick or Treating on their own, a GPS tracker is a great way to keep some peace of mind. If they have a phone with service you can download an app like Life360, or my favorite app, Boomerang Parental Control also does GPS tracking.

This may be a great time to get them a GPS watch if you have been on the fence about it. The Gizmo Watch from Verizon is an excellent choice, but there are definitely some knockoff brands that have some promise. I have tried a couple, and the Gizmo definitely works the best. Or you can try out any of the other smartphone alternatives I recommend.

Pumpkin Carving

You can even go high tech with your pumpkin carving and project an image on a pumpkin to help you carve it out, or download a template from any number of websites. These stencils can range from beginner to super advanced! Now if only there were a high tech way to clean out the pumpkin and just let a robot carve it for you????

High Tech Decorations

I wrote an entire post about things you can do with Halloween tech to turn your house into a haunted house with just a few simple tools. From using a small projector to make a ghost appear in your window, or just to project images of pumpkin carving onto uncarved pumpkins (my favorite kind). You can do the whole “grim grinning ghosts” thing from the haunted mansion right in your front yard!

So, maybe this year Halloween won’t be so bad if I have some tech to help pull me through. Stop by and grab some candy from us… I’ll be the one in the corner watching Christmas movies hoping the end of October comes quickly.

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