PC Tip: Stop Hating on the Touchpad

TouchpadI admit that I have loathed touchpads since my first encounter with one. In fact, the first thing I usually do with a new laptop is disable the touchpad, then plug in a wireless mouse.

After living like this for a couple decades I discovered something that might have changed my outlook on touchpads. They are cooler than they used to be. I have no idea why I falsely assumed that touchpads were the only non advancing part of laptop technology. The two finger scroll option is actually pretty handy–handy enough that I decided to leave my touchpad enabled for now.

All you have to do is place your cursor above whatever area you wish to scroll through then swipe two fingers up or down your touchpad.  This can also be done horizontally.

Here’s an article I found that tells you all about this feature. It was written in 2012 so it’s a little outdated. I highly doubt you’ll need to install any third party apps to gain this functionality unless your laptop is older than the article. If it is, then it tells you how to do just that. Either way its good info.

Two Finger Scroll Dramatically Improves Windows Touchpads


Happy scrolling!

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  • Mind…BLOWN…I have accidentally done the scrolling without knowing what I did (heaven forbid I actually look up how to do it!) and now I shall no longer fear forgetting my wireless mouse with my laptop! You saved me! YAY! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Haha! The same thing happened to me, which inspired me to look it up, which is where this post came from. Viola! I’ve learned about a few other gems, too. Who knew?