STEM Subscription Boxes to Prevent the Summer Slide

Prevent summer slide by subscribing to these STEM-based subscription boxes. Your kids will learn to love the science behind these awesome projects.

Although the summer slide sounds like a really cool structure at the best park ever, it is not. The Summer Slide refers to the loss of knowledge children can experience during the summer time due to a lack of educational resources. It is a very real problem, and many parents want to know ways they can prevent summer slide in their children. If nothing else, some parents just want their kids to do something educational every day during the summer to keep their minds sharp. These STEM projects for kids can help, but there are several other ways to help too!

Subscription boxes are huge these days. You can get a subscription box to just about anything from clothes to makeup to baby supplies and even educational projects. Subscription boxes can be really fun because you never know what is going to come in the mail! It’s a little like Christmas every month. We have tried out several, and there are 3 that stand out if you want to keep your child interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) during the summer.

Disclaimer: While I received the first box of these subscriptions for free, I did continue my membership to all three by paying for them myself.

Subscription Boxes To Help Prevent Summer Slide

MEL Science – Chemistry

MEL Science Tin experiments

Since this kit deals with chemicals, it is recommended for children over the age of 12. However, I let my 9-year-old be my 12-year-old’s assistant for the experiments and they did great. There are many warnings about safety, since the set does have active chemicals, but it is all outlined extremely well. If your child is interested in chemistry at all, they will ADORE a MEL Science subscription.

Even if they aren’t super into chemistry, this kit could really get them interested in the topic. The experiments that are sent monthly are really interesting and react quickly so it doesn’t take a long time to see the results of their efforts. As my kids have been using the experiments from MEL Science they have even started to try and memorize the periodic table! I really love showing them how amazing science can be, and this set definitely does that well.

Bitsbox – Coding


I am extremely passionate about making sure my kids learn to code. Not only is it an important skill to have for the future, coding also teaches them problem-solving and other life skills. Bitsbox is a great subscription box to help kids learn how to code. Each month you receive a new set of cards in the mail, and occasionally you will also receive a new binder as your current one might start getting full.

Bitsbox Coding Cards

Each card in the package is a new game or app your child can code. It will explain where and how to change different things in the game. It also allows them to customize the code to their preferences. You can save all of the apps you’ve coded in their web portal to pull up anytime. The box also comes with stickers to allow you to keep track of all the apps you have already coded.

The different apps will be teaching your child various areas of coding. They also build the knowledge to help them get to more complicated apps in the future.

Tinker Crate – Engineering

tinker crate

My son absolutely loves the day a new Tinker Crate arrives. For the most part, he has been able to do them all by himself. It is amazing what he has been able to make. Like this light up robot. He wired everything himself (by following the directions) and was so proud of himself when it lit up! Each month features a brand new engineering project and usually includes a few others and variations. The Tinkerzine that comes with each box also explains the science behind what is happening in the project. It has been really fun for him to put each project together.

There really is something everyone can enjoy, and if we all ban together, we might just make it through the summer. How many days is that to go now?

Prevent summer slide


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