Spring Break with Netflix


Spring break is next week!  Ugh, there goes my productivity!  School is a beautiful thing, and I will miss it greatly during the next week.  They will get outside to play (Maddie is OBSESSED with her brand new bike, and begs to go riding it all the time),but we aren’t going on any big trips. We are currently saving for a trip to Disney World to take place probably in a year or so.  This staycation is going to be sponsored in part by Netflix. It’s going to be great to spend some time as a family during the break!  My house LOVES movies, and we love to snuggle up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watch together.

So, what am I queuing up for the family for the next week?

Monday – Pee Wee’s Big Holiday – This Netflix exclusive marks the return of Paul Reuben’s as everyone’s favorite Playhouse owner Pee Wee Herman.  A bit ago we watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and they loved it.  It has the same type of humor and jokes as the Big Adventure, and is definitely safe for the whole family to enjoy!  I kinda am hoping that Netflix will partner with Pee Wee to make some new Pee Wee’s Playhouse episodes! The old Playhouse episodes are also on Netflix if you want to show your kids how awesome that show was! I know you are, but what am I??

Tuesday – Brain Games – Now, this isn’t an actual movie, but it’s one of my kids’ favorite shows to watch!  If you haven’t checked it out before, you really must!  It’s super interesting for the whole family!  We always try to do the tests and quizzes that they have, and my kids LOVE to get it right!

Wednesday – Zoom: Academy for Superheroes – This is an older movie, but it’s so much fun to watch.  Tim Allen plays a “retired” super hero, and he needs to train a new batch of super heroes.  The new recruits have fun abilities, like a teeny little girl with super strength, and a kid who doesn’t want to be there and has a disappearing ability, so they keep losing him.  Definitely a great film for the family to enjoy.

Thursday – Hook – One of my favorites from when I was younger!  This epic Peter Pan tale picks up after Peter has grown up.  Hook has kidnapped Peter’s children, and he has to remember who he is to get them back!  It’s such a fun adventure story!  BANGARANG!!

Friday – Spy Kids – What kid doesn’t like a movie about the kids saving their parents??  I submit that there is none.  You could start with this, the first in the series, and continue on through the weekend watching the rest.

For the BIG kids (meaning my husband and I)

We are going to finish up Daredevil after the kids go to bed.  We’ve been watching the second season, and while it’s AWESOME, it’s even hard for me to watch at times.  I have often had to turn away during some of the more brutally violent scenes.  It’s a fantastic show though!  If you didn’t catch season 1, make sure you get caught up before digging into season 2.


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