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Someone on Google+ shared this image… I’ll give you a minute to figure it out…


With Google+ coming on the scene recently, and Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, and etc and etc and etc.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the various features and networks of each individual social networking site.  For someone like me, it’s actually important for me to be involved in as many as possible.  I want to be where the people need my information, and let’s face it… EVERYONE needs my information…. right?  For the everyday person, though it’s more about choosing the RIGHT social network for your needs, and going with that.  So let me break down some reasons that you may want to be on each of the following social networks… and believe me, there are a lot more than what is on this list.  Today I’m just focusing on the big 3…(with a little Google+ thrown in)

facebookFacebook – The LARGEST social networking site.  With over 750 Million users, you are bound to find most everyone you want to share with on Facebook.  I typically restrict Facebook friends to people I have actually met in real life.  I feel like on Facebook is where I communicate with the people that I know.  I also use Facebook to communicate with brands.  It’s a great place to see the walls between business and consumer come down on Facebook.

twitterTwitter – Ah, my little status length challenged friend.  If you think in 140 characters, then Twitter is going to be a great tool for you.  You may wonder why it’s limited to 140 characters?  That is the approximate length of a text message.  Early stages of Twitter wanted to make it mobile friendly and allow you to see status updates of people you followed in your text messages on your phone.  Today?  I don’t really see a ton of people subscribed to anyone’s Twitter feed within the message app on their phone.

linkedinLinkedIn – Looking for a job?  Want to communicate and share with other professionals in your field?  Want some serious business to business communication?  Looking to hire someone?  LinkedIn is the place for you!  With your profile acting as more of an online resume, LinkedIn is the place that professionals go to make things happen.  There are groups on LinkedIn for just about anything.  Join a group like the Geeky Girls group I’m in to discuss topics you are passionate about.

googleplusGoogle+ – I said last week that Google+ is when Facebook and Twitter had a baby.  A friend of mine recently asked in Google+ why she couldn’t post on a friend’s “wall”.  I had to be a smart aleck and say “Because this isn’t Facebook”, but it’s totally true.  Don’t try to make Google+ Facebook, because it isn’t.  It’s a completely different way of consuming information and sharing information.  I get to pick what I see, and who I see it from.  If I don’t have you in one of my circles, I won’t see what you are posting, if you don’t have me in your circles, you don’t have to see what I’m posting.  Google+ is about seeing the content you want to see.  It has allowed for a higher level of sharing and better content really.  When I go to post a status on Google+, I actually think about it, because I feel like I can’t post a status about what I did last weekend.  It needs to be good!

Tomorrow we’ll discuss some of the lesser known networks!

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  • Interesting. The thing is, I created Groups in Facebook a long time ago, and then every time I visit FB I select the group I want to read — just like Google+.

    Now, granted: Google+ makes this a bazillion times easier (and, you know, won’t change its UI every other week), but I find it oddly validating that I jury-rigged FB to do what you’ve commended Google+ for doing!

    And for what it’s worth, I found this link on G+. 🙂

  • Kristy, the only issue with the Facebook groups is that you can’t share specifically with that group. But, yes, I agree that Facebook has had similar functionality for a while (albeit a little confusing for regular people to set up)

  • Hi Sarah,
    I’m also newly super obsessed with Google +! Blogher finally gave me a glimpse into what it actually does 🙂 I’m in that honeymoon stage with it, and brainstorming like crazy all the ways i’m going to use it….Really nice to meet you, if briefly. Hope to keep in touch.