Social Media Overload Part 2

Yesterday I talked about the big guns in the social media world.  Today we are going to take a look at some of the lesser known ones.  Again, social media is about what you want to get out of it, and luckily there’s a social media platform for just about everything you are interested in!

Foursquare – Like competitions, coupons, and going places?  Check out Foursquare.  Many stores and restaurants offer coupons for a certain number of check-ins at a location, and you can even become the “Mayor” of your favorite hangouts.  The issue here, of course, is privacy.  Make sure you are only broadcasting your location to people you know, or do it after the fact.

Pinterest – This social network is what I call HYPER Visual. Sharing on pinterest is all about the pretty. There aren’t a lot of words to get in the way, it’s all images all the time. They have made sharing these images super easy too. You install a little bookmark in your web browser, and when you find an image you want to “pin” such as a picture of a vacation you’d like to take, a computer you want to buy, a quote you like, you simply click the Pin It link in your toolbar and select the image you’d like to pin.

Get Glue – This is actually my new favorite social media site (ok except for Google+, which I’m still infatuated with).  Those that know me, know how much a I love pop culture (movies, TV, etc).  So I had to check out this one as soon as I heard of it.  With Get Glue you can check-in to different TV shows or movies that you are watching, music you are listening to, books you are reading, any type of media you are “consuming”.  I love that you can talk to other people watching and doing the same things that you are!  Plus you can earn cute stickers.

Flickr & Instagram – Both of these are photo sharing.  Instagram is only for the iPhone, but boasts a huge user base.  Flickr is also a great way to upload and share photos.  Since I’m not much of a photographer, I don’t actually use either.  I hear they’re great though.  😉  Maybe if I had a better camera I’d get more involved.  While not yet activated, Photovine looks very promising as well (and the fact that it’s Google is just the icing on the cake)


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