Skype & Tech4Moms, A Happy Marriage

2-26-2013 4-19-47 PM

An opportunity came across my email recently that was just such a perfect fit for me that I could not pass it up.  Lucky for me I was chosen for the opportunity, and I’m super excited to tell you about it!

BlogHer runs a conference every year, well, they run LOTS of awesome conferences, but this one is called BlogHer Entrepreneurs.  If you want to take your idea or business to the next level, then you definitely want to attend this conference.

The full program will include:

  • Curated Mentor Session: Each attendee receives a private mentoring session with one of the 50 leaders in attendance. BlogHer curates this experience, matching mentors and attendees based on interests and needs
  • Networking reception: Connect with mentors and attendees in a more informal setting
  • Peer Networking: Dedicated segment to facilitate peer-learning and fruitful relationship-building
  • Skills Workshops and Learning: Focused on delivering actionable information you can use right now to take the next step. Programming covers Business Leadership, Entrepreneurism Fundamentals, and Technology Must-Haves
  • Resources & Success Stories: True tales of BlogHer community member success stories, and the resources that are available to help you do the same, regardless of what stage your idea is in

This conference will have it all for new and experienced entrepreneurs, and the awesome part (for me anyway) is that it’s being hosted by Skype.  I am heading to this conference as an ambassador for Skype!  If you’d like to attend as well, you can register here.

I was really excited about this opportunity, because not only do I have my own business (Blogger’s Help Desk), but I also use Skype on a daily basis.  Just about everyone knows that the best way to reach me right away is to instant message me over Skype.  I use Skype to chat with my Sister constantly (and my son likes to turn on the video calling so that he can see my sister and his cousins).  I also use Skype to chat with my other tech mom blogger friends.  We bounce ideas off each other, discuss opportunities with each other, or just chat about our day.  I also get requests on Skype from my clients.  Emails can get lost in the shuffle with all the spam, plus it’s not as instant as a messaging system like Skype.  When a client emails me, I have to get it, and then respond, and then they have to get it.  If either of us is busy doing something else, this can take quite a while.  On the other hand if they send me a message via Skype I can respond right away, and we can have more of a conversation about their issue than the messages an email can convey.  We can also send screenshots back and forth in the instant messenger or even files for their website.  It really is my absolute favorite form of communication!

Of course, if you want a more traditional connecting experience, you can call customers, colleagues and clients on their phones by purchasing extremely affordable minutes.  You can also connect via video and/or voice with Skype to Skype for free!

I really couldn’t be more excited to be working with Skype on this.  Not only do I truly use the product on a daily basis, and would like to know more about how to grow my business, but Skype is also owned by Microsoft, which of course you all know that I’m a huge fan!

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