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Skylanders SWAP Force

Skylanders SWAP Force Logo HiRes

The geniuses over at Activision have done it again, and breathed new life into their already incredibly popular franchise Skylanders.  First was the incredible concept behind bringing physical toys to life on the video game screen, second they made some of the toys bigger in Skylanders Giants.  Now they are adding tons of possibilities and customization through the next installment Skylanders SWAP Force.

It looks like from the trailer above that the Skylanders will be able to swap tops and bottoms with other Skylanders, so Magna Charge becomes Freeze Charge, with all new abilities and upgrades!

Of course this is genius on their part because yet again, you’ll need to buy all new toys to accomplish this task!  I know my daughter will be first in line to get the new toys and game, guess I already know what to get her for Christmas next year!  Game is set to release this fall.

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