Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review

A fever has taken over my household.  It is all about Skylanders.  This game actually came out a while ago.  My 6 year old daughter has been BEGGING me to get it for months.  Don’t even ask me how SHE first learned of the game, but she definitely has wanted it for a while.

When the game arrived in the mail she was thrilled!  She jumped right into the game play like the professional gamer she is.  She was able to figure out the controls very easily, and can perform all the special functions each Skylander can do.


The game has a “Portal of Power” which is a small plate that you can put the different Skylander toys on.  Once the Skylander is on the Portal of Power it appears on the screen and you are now able to play as that Skylander.  The game comes with 3 Skylanders… Spyro, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy.  There are 8 different elements that the Skylander figure could be a member of.  For example Spyro is a Magic Element Skylander.  You are unable to access certain areas of the game unless you have a Skylander of that element.  You can get to the end of the game with the original three, but in order to find everything in every level you would need at least one Skylander from each element.  There are also certain areas that are easier with certain types of Skylanders, but again not absolutely necessary.  The game will tell you when that is true such as “Skylanders of the Air Element are strong in this area”.

Though Skylanders has been marketing to the younger gamer, it has tons of fantastic RPG (Role Playing Game) elements that will cater to even the adult gamer. Just ask my husband, who may or may not be slightly more obsessed with the game then our daughter, and she’s pretty obsessed.  During your quests, you can collect hats. Yep… hats. These hats will boost your base stats, such as +5 Critical Hit (which will make your hits on enemies more powerful, or inflict more damage on them), +3 Armor (which will make your enemies hit less powerful on you, or inflict less damage on you), or +2 Speed (make you faster). While most younger gamers may not understand the point of these hats, except if they look cool or not, they can drastically change the way your Skylander fights and will give you more options in your fighting strategy.

Since my husband and I are suckers for both our daughter and for encouraging her in geeky endeavors, we decided to purchase a few more Skylanders for her.  She still doesn’t have all of the elements, but she was able to beat the game!

Next up is a couple expansion sets that we will probably buy for her as she earns them doing chores and other things (plus her birthday is next month).  I’m excited to see what the expansion sets will do for the game.  I assume it will open up some more levels.

There is also an entire web world you can play on your PC.  Each Skylander comes with a web code for you to enter.  You can keep track of your collection, or play as any of the Skylanders that you own.  The online world will also interact with the Portal of Power.  If you plug the USB dongle for the portal into your computer, you can use it with the web world.

The figures themselves are really cute.  I could see us setting up a display case in her room to house all of her Skylanders.  She loves them so much she was putting them to sleep and kissing them good night last night!

October is rolling around, and the exciting news is that Skylanders Giants (and all new Skylanders game) will be released on the 21st.  You can bet that my daughter has marked the date on her calendar, and counting down!  See you in the Skylands!


Thanks to Activision for sending us the game, but we’ve probably spent way more than the cost of the game in Skylanders now… so really, thanks for the “first one free” drug type addiction you have caused Activision.  😉

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