SkyBell, the Doorbell Every Mom Needs

My husband, the man who pretty much hates modern technology, and ANYTHING wifi related graciously installed our new SkyBell this weekend.  Amazingly enough, he’s actually completely sold on the device.  I know, I was super shocked too. SkyBell is a wifi connected doorbell.  I’ve mentioned in the past that IoT (the Internet of Things) is really coming to all of the THINGS in our homes.  I’m betting that soon, even our water bottles will be smart connected (wait, that’s actually a great idea!)

So, why is SkyBell the best doorbell ever for Moms?

First, there is an option on the app to disable the chime!  Can I even tell you how many signs I see around my neighborhood next to the doorbell?


My one friend even disconnected her doorbell because one of the neighbor kids would incessantly ring the doorbell over and over to see if her kids could play (even when her baby was sleeping).  The ability to disable the chime whenever you want (maybe during nap time for example!) is seriously worth the cost alone ($199).  There are so many other features though!

When someone rings the doorbell, I automatically get a notification on my phone.  I can tap on the notification and it opens up video of who is on my doorstep.  I can check out who is there and whether or not I want to run downstairs to open the door.  I can also talk to them through the app if I’m stuck doing something else.  For me, it’s usually that I’m on the phone for my job.  I’d hate to miss a package that I have to sign for because I couldn’t put someone on hold for a few minutes.  For new moms though, they could be feeding the baby, or just barely getting out of one of those rare showers that moms get to take.  You can also just take a peek at whatever is going on in front of your house any time you want by opening up the app, even if they don’t ring the doorbell (such as when they knock instead of ring the doorbell, or if you just have a feeling someone is there, like when my dog barks like someone is at the door, even though there is totally nobody at the door).

My husband used to work nights, and it would always be a little unnerving when someone would come to my door after it was dark outside.  Our porch light burned out a long time ago, and we can’t get to it to replace the bulb, so usually I was opening the door (or just choosing not to) blindly.  Now I can look and see who is there (especially with the night vision built into the SkyBell), and not be concerned with it.  Luckily my husband doesn’t work nights anymore too, but it’s still nice if he decides to have a guys night out for sure!

We turned on the motion sensor at first, but it seemed to be a little bit too sensitive, and was picking up people walking their dogs in front of our house and what not.  Our front door faces the street, so it’s possible it was even picking up cars driving by, so we had to turn it off.  If your front porch is more enclosed than ours though, the motion sensor would be perfect.

Installation was pretty easy, we just took off the old doorbell and put this one in it’s place.  Lucky for us, we purchased our home brand new, so we have always had a hardwired doorbell.  This made it incredibly easy for us.  They have instruction videos to wire your own if you need a little help.

Then, setup was SUPER simple.  You download the app from either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.  Next, you connect your SkyBell to your wireless network through the app.  Make sure when you were installing the SkyBell that you didn’t throw away the box with the ID code on it, you’ll need that to get it connected. We installed the app on both my husbands phone, and mine so no matter who is home we can see who is at the door.

2015-04-05 15.32.45

Once it was connected to my SkyBell account it was all set!  Watch it in action…

Now that you completely need one in your life, I’m giving you the chance to win your very own!!  Simply fill out the form below to be entered.  One entry allowed per person.

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