Skullcandy Headphones Review/Giveaway

When I attended BlogHer this year I went to a party where I got a set of fabulous headphones from Skullcandy.  They had big pink fuzzy earpieces, which I could luckily switch out for some nice white leather ones.  On the plane on the way to BlogHer I was using the earbuds that came with my iPod Nano.  While I didn’t quite notice how much they HURT, it was definitely obvious after I used the Skullcandy over the ear set.  I had started the first leg of my flight and used my new toy (the Skullcandy headphones).  Then on the second leg of my trip home I decided to test out how they compared to the ear buds.  After having the earbuds in for about 10 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore.  They hurt my ears so bad!  I switched back to the Skullcandy, and it was so much better.

I’m definitely a convert to over the ear headphones.  I know they are big and bulky, but TRUST ME, it’s so much better!  The sound quality is fantastic, as it totally covers your entire ear.  Which is for sure more comfortable than the ear buds.  Plus with these headphones it cancels out the outside noise so much better than ear buds do.

Since I don’t have much use for headphones at home I handed them over to my daughter (who actually perfers the pink fuzzy ear pieces instead of the white leather ones, what can I say, she’s a girl).  She loves them, and it helps us to not have to hear her games/videos/etc from her DS, which can sometimes have really annoying music.  She also listens to her iPod Nano with these headphones.  They fit great and she couldn’t be happier.

Now is the chance for you to win your very own set of Skullcandy headphones.  The set I’m giving away is this one.  I am also throwing in a prize I won at BlogHer, a 4GB RCA mp3 player.

To enter to win simply leave a comment on this post.  As always, only one entry per person.  The giveaway will close at 8 PM MST on October 10th, 2010.  GOOD LUCK!

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  • I am a SkullCandy lover, too!!!

    My Boyfriend REALLY needs a pair for himself and these would be perfect! I’ve offered to let him use mine, sometimes, but… They’re bright pink and he’d rather not! 🙂

  • Wow, Im totally in agreement with you on the “hurting” part. I just thought I had weird ears! LOL If I could get it in without falling out, then I had to put up with the pain. Never thought of going with the over the ear ones! This would be a wonderful gift, as I cant afford a set because my husband and I are layed off. You rock girl!!

  • These would be AWESOME for my daughter doing school work at home. She get distracted easily and these would block out the sound of 3 little ones running around LOL.

  • that would b GREAT to win! im CONSTANLY looking for different stuff to use as a ‘random unisex’ gift at Christmas! Lord knows theres ALWAYS 1 person that gets left out! *oops*

  • I’ve had similar experiences with the ear buds that come with the iPods… I have an existing pair of ear buds from another company that are much more comfortable, but I’d love these ones!!

  • Those are adorable! I have a niece that is “Barbie addicted”, but, I know these would nicely for her!

  • These look very nice. My daughters go through headphones too often & they could use a new pair now!

  • My son and I walk every night and he would love a pair of these…we tried the small ones but he likes the kind here on your page….they would be perfect

  • I would love these. My 9 yr old daughter has been having trouble focusing on homework. With two little brothers and no where quiet to go it’s hard for her to concentrate. I was given the idea by a friend to download some classical music onto my ipod and have her listen using headphones. These would be perfect!

  • Oh my gosh I would love this! My son loves to watch movies on his peronal DVD player 🙂

  • My husband has a pair of skullcandy ear buds. They are pretty amazing quality! I would love to have a pair of the headphones!!! I especially love the fuzzy pink ones!

  • They look really squishy. I bet they will feel good on my ears unlike some other brands I have tried. Maybe if I had some in a girls color my son would leave them alone and I wouldn’t have to keep buying more because he breaks them.

  • Those are awesome! I would *so* love to win a pair of those (and the pink fuzzy covers are calling my name-LOL)

  • Those are great! I also am uncomfortable with the buds. I can’t seem to find any that fit my ears correctly. These would be a great solution!

  • Those are so cute! I would feel a lot better wearing a set of those out in public than my husband’s blah plain black ones. Much more feminine and cute!

  • Would love these for my daughter…. actually for me, so I don’t need to listen to her games 😉

  • I’ve been hunting a pair of these for my husband, he would love a pair of these!

  • I remember using big headphones like this when I was a kid. I just loved them. I would love to win these. I think they are just great. Thanks for all you do.

  • Oh wow, it would be great to win these. I always have trouble finding the perfect headphones for my ears.

  • WONDERFUL idea! Thank you for doing this. We lives hours away from family but don’t let the miles keep us apart and travel a few times a week to visit. These would be fabulous when we are not all on the same page as to what to listen to/watch in the car. My 4 yr old has difficulty with the earbuds these would be great and of course so awesome for the few moments when I need to zone out and “take 5” for myself. 🙂

  • We love SkullCandy! My DH has the earbuds for his iPod and our little man fell in love with a pair we saw at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop but they’ve been a little out of our price range each month. Comes with living on an Army budget!

    We would love these for those long car rides so that the little one can listen to his DVD player in peace without asking us to turn down the road noise LOL!

  • And I thought I was the only one whose ears hurt after wearing the earbuds! Glad I’m not alone lol! Would love to win one of these, I love using my Ipod but have all but stopped using it because my ears hurt so much!

  • I’m also a Skullcandy convert! We bought some in the airport b/c I forgot mine(they’re the buds with the wraparound ear piece), and they are the only headphones I have found that stay on my ears while running!

  • My boys love using headsets like these at Borders and Barnes and Noble. I agree…much better than in the ear type.

  • oooh i would love to have some of these! i never really buy anything tech wise but those pick headphones are too cute!

  • I would love a pair of these for my son! he rocks out to music and these owuld make his day!

  • These look awesome…I would love them as a Christmas gift for my daughter!

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