Skullcandy Headphones Review/Giveaway

When I attended BlogHer this year I went to a party where I got a set of fabulous headphones from Skullcandy.  They had big pink fuzzy earpieces, which I could luckily switch out for some nice white leather ones.  On the plane on the way to BlogHer I was using the earbuds that came with my iPod Nano.  While I didn’t quite notice how much they HURT, it was definitely obvious after I used the Skullcandy over the ear set.  I had started the first leg of my flight and used my new toy (the Skullcandy headphones).  Then on the second leg of my trip home I decided to test out how they compared to the ear buds.  After having the earbuds in for about 10 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore.  They hurt my ears so bad!  I switched back to the Skullcandy, and it was so much better.

I’m definitely a convert to over the ear headphones.  I know they are big and bulky, but TRUST ME, it’s so much better!  The sound quality is fantastic, as it totally covers your entire ear.  Which is for sure more comfortable than the ear buds.  Plus with these headphones it cancels out the outside noise so much better than ear buds do.

Since I don’t have much use for headphones at home I handed them over to my daughter (who actually perfers the pink fuzzy ear pieces instead of the white leather ones, what can I say, she’s a girl).  She loves them, and it helps us to not have to hear her games/videos/etc from her DS, which can sometimes have really annoying music.  She also listens to her iPod Nano with these headphones.  They fit great and she couldn’t be happier.

Now is the chance for you to win your very own set of Skullcandy headphones.  The set I’m giving away is this one.  I am also throwing in a prize I won at BlogHer, a 4GB RCA mp3 player.

To enter to win simply leave a comment on this post.  As always, only one entry per person.  The giveaway will close at 8 PM MST on October 10th, 2010.  GOOD LUCK!

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  • I would be so happy to win these….I gave my son my headphones…and they were from my walkman! 🙂

  • THank you!! I would LOVE these for my DH (who sometimes travels) and for my kids during LONG road trips to visit family!

  • My husband really really needs new headphones. He has a home music studio and really needs a new pair of headphones!

  • Would love to have these, our middle son accidentally broke our last pair. So these would definitely be welcomed! 🙂

  • Wow this is a great giveaway. I would love these so I do not disturb my husband while on the computer and he can watch his TV without nagging at me…:)

  • I love the pink headphones! They look super comfy too. I need to just give in and buy a pair of the xbox headphones for my husband. He drives me crazy at night playing his combat games.

  • What a lovely person you are to be so giving. I would love to give my son or daughter l this for Christmas!

  • I would love to win these! HUGE music fan! Love your site ~ It’s fantastic! Thanks for all you do!

  • My son would love these! Earbuds don’t stay in his ears and he keeps borrowing his big sister’s headphones that she needs for computer class…which causes drama. These would be a lifesaver.

  • These look awesome and I am sure would my kids would love to use them for their home computer time!! 🙂

  • I would love to win these! I have been shopping for some that my daughters will wear.

  • Wow! These are so old school and way cool at the same time. I HATE those little ear-bud things.

  • I have a very hard time with earbuds.. my ears are so small that they will not stay in. I switched to the hook over the ear type, but they are painful….
    these would be AWESOME!!!

  • I didn’t realize the difference in earbuds and the skull candy earbuds until I tried my son’s that he received for his birthday. Big difference. I do use on over the ear one when I want to drown out everyone else, but they aren’t the greatest quality.

  • i would love to win these for my daughter.. the ear buds that come with everything now just do not fit in her ears properly!!

  • Agreed! This is great headphone. The sound is crisp.

    I will love to have this.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • i would love to win these! my girlfriend has a pair and she is always complaining that i steal them too much cause the sounds is SO much better! it would be fantastic to have my own pair. 🙂

  • Wow! These look neat! As much time as we spend in the car traveling/transferring where the military sends us, these would be awesome!!!! My girls would definately love these! (if they can pry them from me, lol)

  • You are awesome for doing giveaways like these! These would be amazing to have. My son’s leapster only has sound w/ headphones. He is currently using his dad’s headphones which drives my husband crazy b/c he’s afraid he’ll break them.

  • I would love these! I take mine to work (I work with disabled children) and let them use mine headphones and ipod when they need it. This would be a nice “reward” to let them use headphones like these. It would be nice for me as well. With 3 kids, my small headphone are constantly getting misplaced.

  • I would love a pair of these, I would gift them to my 14 year old son who I know would get much use out of them! They look awesome!

  • Oh these are too awesome. I had the earbuds, but they broke when my toddler got a hold of them. LOL

  • I don’t like the earbuds because of the potential damage to the eardrum. All the other headphones are uncomfortable. These would be great!

  • Please enter me in the skullcandy headphones giveaway. I think these would be so much better than those little ear buds.

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