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As someone who is on the leading edge of technology, and as someone who kinda gets to have the latest technology as a wonderful perk of this blog.  I amass quite a few phones over any given period of time.  While I never feel right about selling a phone that I was given for free (It’s usually a perk of being my friend, that you get brand new hand-me-down phones), I am definitely OK with selling phones that my husband and I have actually purchased (and yes, we do actually purchase phones from time to time as well).

The most common use for old phones I’ve seen is the “giving it to your kid so they stop bugging you to play with your real phone” use.  There are definite advantages to keeping old phones around for this scenario (although, I’ve found my kids still want to play with my current phone, even when my old phone has the exact same apps), and we’ve all seen those commercials for re-selling your old phones (which always just look way too scammy to me).  So, did you know there’s actually a really easy and legit way to sell an old cell phone?  It’s called eBay.  It’s this brand new website, oh wait, except that it’s been around for YEARS.  I’ve had my eBay account since January of 1999!  See the proof…



Did you know that on average, a cell phone is sold every 4 seconds on eBay?  That’s because eBay has made it incredibly easy to sell an old cell phone.  You simply head to the landing page at  From here you will be taken through some really easy options to  help you list the phone in probably under 30 seconds tops.  It even gives you a recommended price for your phone, AND tells you how to remove all of your personal data from the phone!

I’ve got my stack of old phones, and I’m ready to get myself some money… Momma needs a new pair of running shoes! I mean really… have you seen my old ones??



So, I started digging through my cupboards to locate all of the phones I’ve got laying around.  My husband asked what I was doing digging around our kitchen cupboards, but I’m not going to tell him that I’m going to sell an old cell phone, mainly cause I want those shoes… and I don’t want to share.  🙂  Apparently… I found quite a few, so I may be able to buy him something too…



Like mentioned it took about 30 seconds tops to list each phone, and now I just wait….

wonder if I can find my new shoes on ebay too?  Answer … most likely.

What do you usually do with your old phone when you upgrade?


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