Scam Alert: Facebook Black

oh scammers, you are at it again!  This time, you are being extra sneaky.  Twice this week I have seen friends of mine TAGGED in this photo sporting a nice little link to a scam site.  So even if it’s a friend that you KNOW would never click on something scammy, if one of my friends clicks on it and installs the app it could repost on their wall with ME tagged in it (appearing like I had clicked on the link, when I would NEVER)

Here’s how it works.  Say I see this nice picture in my stream on Facebook that says I can turn my facebook interface BLACK!  “Hooray, just what I always wanted!  Is it like Christmas or something??”  So I click the link included in the picture.  It then takes me to a page telling me I need to install an app.  “OK, that makes sense that it would require an app… INSTALL PLEASE!  I MUST have my black Facebook page”  Then it takes me to a survey I must complete.  “Oh they need my social security number and bank account information to make my Facebook page black?  Doesn’t seem necessary, but sure!”  (They really don’t ask for that specific of information, but I’m sure whatever info you give them can’t and won’t be used for good).  Then all it does is repost the picture and link on your wall, and tag a bunch of your friends in the picture so it shows up in THEIR friends streams too.  You have now made it look like your friends also fell for the scam, even though they did not.  Oh, and at the end of it all… Facebook page is still white.  Sorry to disappoint.

So stay away from the scam, don’t click the link, and if you find yourself tagged in one, click the photo (not the link on the photo) and remove the tag.

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