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Saying it with GIFs

In this modern world of text based communication, it’s easy for things to get lost in translation.  I have always lamented a need for a “sarcastic font”.  So you know that anything typed in that particular font was meant to be sarcastic.  It’s a serious need.

Lucky for us animated GIFs have made a comeback in a huge way!

Nothing quite says “I’m Excited” like…

or “I’m Scared” like…

or “yeah, you could not be more wrong about that” like…

or “I’m so going to enjoy watching this trainwreck” like…

or the ever effective… NOPE

The only problem is that animated GIFs don’t embed in Facebook comments! How rude, right? How are you supposed to express how awkward you feel right now without Homer doing this?

Luckily my favorite site for GIFs Giphy.com also gives you a special link to use on Facebook so that the GIF will play in the comments.

All you need to do is find your that perfect GIF that expresses exactly how you feel. Personally “Brendan Fraser clapping” happens to be my favorite.

When you are looking at the GIF there is a button underneath that says “share”. Click “share”.

Then copy the URL in the “Giphy Link” section.

Paste the URL you just copied into your Facebook comment, and voila! Clapping Brendan Fraser to show your friend how happy you are about their new job!


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