Saying it With GIF’s Part 2

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My husband and I were discussing recently how incredibly perfectly a GIF can communicate EXACTLY what you are feeling in a conversation. Often our entire conversation within Facebook Messenger consists almost entirely of GIF’s.  In my last post I discussed how to insert a GIF into a Facebook comment, well now let’s talk about how to use it in messenger conversations, where they REALLY shine!


Why say something with an emoji, when you can use a GIF? I mean really. Messenger makes it so super easy too. When you are typing in Facebook messenger there are several icons above the typing area. One of which is “GIF” if you click on that you are presented with a plethora of options. When you type in the emotion you are trying to convey, you get more specific options…


If you still aren’t quite finding the absolute perfect GIF to convey what you are feeling, you can click the three dots on the left and be presented with a whole slew of options for Messenger plugins


My two favorites are GIPHY and Disney GIF.  When you select those apps you are taken outside of messenger to select your perfect reaction GIF.


Once you find what you are looking for you click on it, and then you can select the messenger icon to send that image to messenger.


Notice the other 3 icons in there? One of them will send the image to your texting app, so you can text your reaction GIFs!  You can open both GIPHY and Disney GIF separately (as in outside of messenger) too, so you can just directly text the GIF to your friend or loved one. You can also download it, or share it out to social media. GIPHY will even let you share straight to Instagram! Be prepared for a ton of GIF’s upcoming in my Instagram feed. I’m just warning you now.

Nothing conveys the RIGHT emotions like a GIF. Try it out today!

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