Samsung is Showing How Life At Home is Different During the Pandemic

The recent pandemic has been causing a lot of companies to pivot their business model. The restaurant and entertainment industry has definitely been the hardest hit. Other companies have seen their business take off in ways they could have never predicted. I’m looking at you Phone Soap.

Samsung is one of those companies that have seen a significant shift in the way we are living our lives stuck at home. People are cooking more, stocking up on food, and generally just around the house more than they have ever been.

The company recently launched a new campaign that is featuring this fact. This new campaign “demonstrates how Samsung home appliances empower people to live lives that are more creative, flexible, and connected than ever before.” According to Samsung, “These days, Americans are cooking at a scale not seen in 50 years. For many, cooking has evolved from a necessity to a passion. In fact, 71% of Americans—and 80% of Gen Zers—are trying new recipes.”

An interesting statistic Samsung shared with the press during this campaign announcement was that prior to COVID 5% of households with children were cooking more than 10 hours per week. NOW over 12% of the same demographic are cooking more than 10 hours a week. That is a HUGE jump!

One highlight of this new campaign is a new Front-Control Slide-In Range.

The range looks quite a bit like my current Samsung Convection oven with an Induction cook-top. One key difference is this has gas burners, and now features the currently hugely popular “air-fry” mode. During the pandemic so many people have gone out and purchased a separate air-fryer. Seeing this trend, Samsung has included the option inside this range, so “you can quickly prepare your favorite fried foods right in your oven. Now you no longer need to store that extra appliance, so you can save some precious cabinet or countertop space.”

Another feature that will help people take the guess work out of cooking is the new Smart Dial. This feature will learn your behavior and create shortcuts to your cooking preferences, which will simplify your menu settings. For someone like me, who isn’t the greatest cook, I use maybe 3-4 options on my current range. If I only had to pick between those, it would make cooking so much smoother.

From smart mops to smart ovens, Samsung has definitely gone to work to find the right tools to help modern parents during this Pandemic. I love this video they created to help show how the world is changing during this strange year.

It’s really great to see companies involved in finding out what is making families tick during 2020 and adjusting their game plan to fit current needs. Can’t wait to see what else Samsung has in store!

Disclaimer: While all of my current major appliances are Samsung, I paid for them all myself, and was not sponsored or compensated in any way for this post.

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