Rocketbook Joins Forces with PandaPlanner

If you haven’t used a Rocketbook yet, you are severely missing out. As a mostly digital girl, I have to say that sometimes it’s easier to just use a pen and paper. However, I still want the ability to record those notes digitally to search through them later even if I don’t have my paper notebook on me.

That is my biggest complaint about paper notebooks, you may not always have it nearby, but you always have your phone. This is why I prefer digital notes. So when I found Rocketbook, which allowed me to easily digitize my notes, I fell in love immediately.

Today Rocketbook is announcing a partnership that I’m really excited about. The incredibly popular day planner system called Panda Planner is now available as a Rocketbook. This not only means the notebook is reusable, which saves paper and helps the environment, but it can be quickly scanned and saved into any of the most popular note-taking apps available like OneNote and Evernote. It can also be saved in several other apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

According to the company, Rocketbook’s Panda Planner is “specifically designed to improve your productivity and
happiness, the planner features several templates to help you set goals, measure your progress, and reflect on how far you’ve come. The templates are broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily sections that help organize every aspect of your life.”

I’ve been using my sample for about a week now, and I am completely in love. There is a huge goal setting section that helps you focus on exactly what is most important to you, while keeping track of the goals that you may want to set in the future.

It even helps you discover obstacles and discover your motivation. The goal planning section is seriously worth the whole thing, but there is much more.

While I generally use Google Calendar for my actual schedule, and Tick Tick for my main to do list, I love that the weekly pages help me map out things I’m going to do during the week for the 4 main goal areas (personal, work, family/friends and relationship). It also helps me focus on just a couple projects for the week as opposed to the thousand things I would love to try to get done.

Finally, the daily pages help get your mindset right for the day, and then evaluate how you did on your goals and tasks at the end of the day.

I have never used a Panda Planner before, but I really feel they’ve thought of everything. The fact that it’s a Rocketbook too is just icing on the cake. I love that I can easily erase any mistakes, or erase the entire page if I want to start over by just wiping it down with a wet cloth.

Rocketbook Panda Planner is available today in a variety of colors on and for $35 in executive size and $37 in letter size. Notebooks also include one Pilot FriXion pen and microfiber cloth.

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