QR who?

My favorite food for breakfast is two slices of bacon, scrambled eggs, and french toast dipping sticks on the side.

Okay, my favorite breakfast is basically what is served at the Ikea restaurant, but nonetheless it is true.

My three year old has a favorite breakfast too. String cheese and tomato juice.


I don’t know how anyone can love V-8 in the morning, when there world has been blessed with bacon.

Anywho, I spent breakfast this morning cruising over the Target toy catalog that recently came in the mail. My three year old and I were sipping on tomato juice (while I dreamed of eating real food at Ikea of course) when I asked my hubby a question.

What the heck is going on between that boys legs???

Without seeing what I was referring to, my husband looked at me quizzically.

He apparently thought I already knew what the heck went on between a boys legs.


“This digital thing!” I barked at him while blushing.

“Oh, that’s a QR Code.” He shrugged and went on his way to work.

Thus my search online began. Fueled by nothing but juice squeezed tomatoes and raw sugar in a can, I learned that these digital little boxes are in fact not the newest version of PacMan.

QR codes, or quick response codes, is actually a matrix bar code.

(I love the movie Matrix!)

These little bar codes hide encoded data that can be decoded at a high speed. But in order to read these little babies, you’ve first got to have the right app on your smart phone. My favorite is QRReader. Pick one based on feedback, and don’t pay for it. A QR reader app should be free.

With your phone in hand, you will take a picture of the QR code, and be sent to… well wherever the data is intended to send you. It could be a website, a coupon, a sale, a picture of bacon an eggs from Ikea, anything! Be sure and try it out with your phone and let me know if you come across anything cool.

Alright, now that we have that all figured out, lets really talk business. Who wants to go with me to get a real breakfast?

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