Word Wall, Odd 1 Out, and ABC Numbers

These three apps are now my kids new favorite games, and are made by Punflay. Punflay specializes in interactive games made for the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and the Mac. All Punflay games are developed to be educational, entertaining, and save parents sanity when driving four hours in the car to visit family for the holidays.

That is precisely when we tried out these awesome games.


The first game played was Word Wall for the iPad. Priced at just .99 it is a great game for beginning readers.

I was really excited to try out this app with my six year old that not only dislikes reading, but tries to stall homework time on a nightly basis. As soon as I sat her down to play Word Wall she was hooked! The bright illustrations and upbeat music were instantly appealing to her, and she loved the variety of games and options.

Word Wall teaches over 75 sight words, has many simple and interesting activities,
and captivated my daughters attention far longer than any reading book she has brought home from school.
I just loved that my daughter was able to play Word Wall independently in the car as we traveled. I had the latest issue of People magazine with me, and I just had to get caught up on the most beautiful people of 2011.  I am always appreciative of app developers that buy me a little celeb gossip time.
You understand, don’t you. 🙂
The next game we tried while traveling was Odd 1 Out, also by Punflay. Developed for the iPad, this game is also .99 in the app store. Seriously, what’s with all these awesome games for under a dollar?
Odd 1 Out Odd 1 Out iPad App Review

Odd 1 Out is an educational app that will help develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, and encourage decision making skills with kids ages five and up. The game boasts vibrant colors and cute graphics incorporating fruits, shapes, numbers, and adorable little beetles. My favorite part of the app was that as my son progressed, the difficulty would slightly increase by requiring him to make decisions faster. The questions would also become slightly more complex as he advanced through the game. I also loved how the game promoted independent play, and always used simple clear audio explanations my son could understand.
The only setback of Odd 1 Out was three of my children were constantly fighting over who’s turn it was to play. I do however have a resolution for this problem. I just need to buy two more iPads. I will let you know how that conversation goes with my husband…
The last game we tried was ABC Numbers. Oh my adorableness! My itty bitty nephew loved playing this game at Grandma’s house.

Do you remember when you were a baby, and your mom tied that fisher price table top looking toy to your crib? It had the thing that rolled, and the ball that spinned, and the springy toy that went back and forth?

What do you mean how old am I?

This app is the modern day version of that toy.

If you have a baby or toddler, and if you have an iPad, they can both get along with this application.

ABC Numbers  is full of colorful, interactive elements. My two year old nephew loved tapping objects and watching the screen light up each time he interacted with the game.

My favorite element of ABC numbers, is how it’s a fabulous app for preschoolers as well. ABC Numbers was developed to give preschoolers a jump start on reading, and a basic introduction to phonics. Other educational elements include counting to ten, and learning letters and colors. Did I also mention this game is .99 cents as well? Crazy. Who new that three dollars would entertain us for a four hour car drive, and  post Thanksgiving tryptophan napping as well. I tell ya, that’s the way to spend the holidays.

So what does Tech4Moms give Punflay for it’s three awesome applications?

Nice job Punflay! Thanks for letting me try out these awesome apps for the iPad and feel free to keep us posted on any other games you develop. I still have some trashy celeb magazines to catch up on, and I hear Linsdsay Lohan has really done it this time.

Or I could just sit down and interact with my children.

Either way it’s cool.

To learn more about Punflay games for the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers go here.

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