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I am extremely passionate about protecting your family from the dangers of the internet, while still letting them explore technology in a safe environment. I give my children the tools they need at a very early age to protect them, and often have conversations with them about how to behave online, and things to avoid or tell me about online. So, when I was asked to do a sponsored post on a new router that will help protect your family by Torch, I was completely on board. Not only is it something I would want to talk about anyway, it’s definitely something I feel very strongly about.

Torch is a new router that is designed to protect your family, give them boundaries and help you know what is going on in your home. I am often asked by parents from all over how to accomplish these tasks. Parents want time limits set on their children’s devices. They also want to know what their children are doing online. Lastly, parents want to keep their children safe from accidentally accessing images, videos, and discussions that would be inappropriate for them to see. Torch is aiming to solve all of these issues in one fell sweep!


Time Limits – I use several methods of keeping track of my children’s screen time. There are SO many devices in the house, though, that sometimes the app on an individual device will give them a “time’s up” notice, then they pick up something else and just continue on their way. Torch will also allow you to shut down the internet to the entire house after bed time. I can sleep easy knowing that the internet has been put to sleep as well.  It even works great if you want to shut down your network during dinner time, or other types of family time.


Content Filters – The one question I probably get asked the most is how to keep children safe from stumbling across something they shouldn’t see on the internet.  The answer is never simple.  There are so many sites and images and videos out there, that it’s impossible to protect against all of them.  You CAN do things to make sure it’s an extremely rare occurrence though.  First, getting a router like torch that can allow you to block out certain URL’s is a huge step in the right direction.  I would recommend several layers of filtering, however, AND constant communication with your children about what is out there on the internet to stumble upon, and what they should do when they do see inappropriate content.  Content filters are definitely helpful, but you want to keep the communication active as well.


Reporting – In light of keeping the conversation going between you and your children, reporting is going to seriously help you with starting that conversation.  Children are unaware of things they shouldn’t see or do on the internet.  When you schedule time to go over their usage reports from Torch, they know you are checking up on them, and that they will have to explain anything that may seem inappropriate.  Just this knowledge alone is enough to help most kids avoid actively looking for inappropriate content.  It also gives you a chance to correct behavior online that they might not understand could be dangerous.

I love that Torch will protect ALL of the devices in your home. Not just certain devices, but the xbox and the wii, and the handheld gaming systems… basically EVERYTHING with internet access, which these days is pretty much everything that has an on/off switch.  It also will give you a cumulative total of your child’s screen time, instead of pieces here and there on various devices.

I urge you to sign up for further information on their website, as this product is going to be a fantastic addition to anyone’s home, if you are concerned about what your children are doing online… which should be everyone!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Torch.

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