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Where I live there are a lot of new homes and subdivisions being built all the time. A few years ago it seemed like the power was constantly going out from builders accidentally cutting power lines. I remember one evening it happened right at dinner, and not only was I stuck with a half cooked meal on the stove, I couldn’t even see the pan in front of me! I have always thought of power outages occurring from natural disasters. I know now that, depending on where you live, it can happen just about any time or place!

ReadyBright is a brilliant new lighting system that is a perfect solution for families who deal with constant power loss, or want to be prepared for the once and awhile power outages you never expected.

ReadyBright Starter House Kit

ReadyBright has various plug-in lighting kits that retail from $34.99 and up. The kit pictured above is $69.99 and comes with a Power Outage Detector, Path Light, and Ceiling Light.

Here’s how it works: The smart Power Outage Detector instantly detects when the power goes out, illuminates to become a brilliant flashlight, and wirelessly turns on all the other ReadyBright Lights in your home. You now have a light source when power outage is detected.

When trying out  ReadyBright, I was very impressed with the distance in which the other units turn on. You can activate multiple lights up to 70 feet away! I also love that the Power Outage Detector can be carried around as  a flashlight.

The LED lights are super bright, and will run up to 40 hours on a charge.  They are incredibly easy to mount on your wall or ceiling too.

I love that the ReadyBright Ceiling Light looks similar to a smoke alarm, causing it to not look out of place on your ceiling or wall. The ReadyBright Path Light works brilliantly on a stair case or hallway. I always worry about my kids falling down the stairs during a power outage!

If you also want to be prepared for any power outage, ReadyBright is currently offering 20% off for all Tech4Moms readers. Wahoo! Just enter Tech4Moms when checking out. To learn more about ReadyBright, go here.  Thanks ReadyBright for letting me try out the Starter House Kit!

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