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I am going to show you a very cool new tech device that is about the size of an Oreo cookie.

Stop thinking about cookies, this is serious.

It’s the personal GPS locater called PocketFinder.

Here, take a peak at how cute this thing is:

The PocketFinder comes with this itty bitty charging dock, and it even has a silicone case and hook for wearing it on your clothes or purse.

The PocketFinder is durable and family friendly. It’s made from military-strength plastics that make it water proof, impact proof, laundry machine proof, dryer proof, swimming pool proof, dirt proof, and heat proof. Let’s just say toddler proof for short! The PocketFinder also has an embedded SIM card.

So why do you need a personal GPS locator?

Well, lots of reasons actually. These are great for younger kids who tend to run in every directions, teens who are driving, elderly parents who get lost from time to time, and even tracking your husband and then calling him and asking him if he is having an enjoyable time eating lunch without you.

Yes, I will admit I did the last one.

So not only does the PocketFinder track your loved one, it has all kinds of cool features too.

After creating your account online, you can then track your PocketFinder device from anywhere on the internet. This means from your computer and even your smart phone. There’s even an app for the iPone and iPad that make tracking super easy.

Let’s take a look at some of the options.

A few days ago I placed the PocketFinder in my husbands work bag.

Yes, I told him. 🙂

Then on my iPad I set the PocketFinder to update and tell me where he was every 30 minutes.

I also turned on the Speed Limit Alert setting. Over the course of the day I received two e-mails that he was going over the 65 mph limit I had set. Luckily he was on the freeway. 🙂

This feature is fabulous for parents with teen drivers.

Another cool feature is that the PocketFinder has Zone settings as well. If the person wearing the device leaves a designated zone, you will receive an alert for that as well. This is great for teens too if you don’t want them driving on the freeway, or leaving your city’s limits. Or, if you have a spouse travelling for work, the PocketFinder can alert you when your husband has landed on an airplane, and re-entered your designated zone.

My husband had a really busy day. It was actually fun to track and see where he was. At the end of the day I was able to view every place he’d travelled. In fact, you can view the location history for the past 60 days of your PocketFinder!

There are seriously so many different uses for the PocketFinder. I was thinking personally, I would love to have my own child wear it on days they have a school field trips. I could check online to see when they left, where they go, and be able to easily track them in case of an emergency if they ever get lost. The PocketFinder is fabulous for special needs children as well. I also heard of a family who’s son was serving a religious mission out of the country. The mother sent her son with a PocketFinder, and every morning she would just turn on her iPhone and see where he was at. She felt like it was a way to check in on him and know that he was okay. So cool! The PocketFinder would also be great for camping, theme parks, and family outings. You can even put it inside your luggage when traveling and know that if your luggage ever gets lost, you can find it before the airline does!

The PocketFinder costs $149.95 to purchase, and comes with a two month service plan. Additional months are $12.95 per device for inside the United States. You can cancel your service anytime, and pay just $5 to start using your PocketFinder again. The iPad,  iPhone, and iPod touch app for the PocketFinder is free through the App Store. To learn more about the PocketFinder, go here. To purchase the PocketFinder through the Apple store, go here.



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