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PlayStation Now Holds World Record

Sony's PlayStation now holds the World Record for best-selling console brand!

On December 3rd, 1994 Sony released the original PlayStation. I remember going over to my boyfriend’s house around that time, and his family was playing a golf game on their brand new PlayStation. I was blown away by the graphics! I thought they were actually watching Golf.

It’s almost amusing to me now as I look at the graphics of current games on the PlayStation 4, but for 1995 those were mind-blowing.

Now on the platform’s 25th anniversary, Sony was awarded the world record for being the best selling gaming console brand from the Guinness Book of World Records. The company stated in a tweet that the console has sold over 450 million units (which spans PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and 4).

Sony has been celebrating its 25th anniversary all week long under the hashtag #25YearsOfPlay. Generally this week Sony has put on an event called PSX (PlayStation Experience), which my husband has attended with his friends every year. So it’s a little surprising that they aren’t putting one on this year, given this monumental anniversary!

Instead, the PlayStation Blog has been releasing monthly videos called the “State of Play“, and the last one will be at 6 AM Pacific on Tuesday, December 10th. You can watch it live on TwitchYouTubeTwitter, and Facebook.

The latest State of Play video promises 20 minutes of new game reveals, release date announcements and updates. However, they were clear to state that nothing will be released about the upcoming PlayStation 5.

As a PlayStation house, we are really happy for Sony. It’s hard to argue with a certified World Record! Keep up the great work! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for the PS5!

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