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I have some very exciting news for all of you! I am thrilled to announce that here at Tech4Moms we are starting a new series all about photography. We will be teaching not just how to take better pictures, but also how to better understand your camera. But, before I dive right in, I would love to hear from you. First, what type of camera do you have? And second, what about it do you not understand?

Our series will be all about how to use your DSLR. We are going to break down your digital camera and explain every little button and feature. I will be choosing topics I feel would be beneficial, but am completely open to your suggestions as well. Feel free to leave comments here, or on Facebook, and let us know what you would love to learn about.

Stay tuned, our series will be launched the first of January!






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  • Hi! I have a Cannon 5D Mark II. I would love to follow this tutorial to learn how to use it. Right now I use it on auto and would love to learn how to really use it!

  • I have a Nikon D60. All of my pictures seem to be really pixelated and are not clear like they used to be. I don’t know why. Is it just an old camera or does it need to be cleaned can you help?

  • I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Need lots of help. I’d love to get some good action shots of kids at sporting events (just for me). Sports setting just doesn’t get it.

  • I have the Canon Rebel T6i. I’m guilty of just using Auto to take pictures. But I really want to learn how to take good pictures with manual features. I just had a baby and want to be able to take great photos of him