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There is a super cool app for capturing your growing family, and it’s called PhotoChron! I seriously love this app. It’s developed for Android users, and it’s totally free! Love that!

PhotoChron is all about taking daily photographs, and recording your sweet kids as they grow. You can take a photo every day, week, or month and build it into a sweet time lapse video to share with family and friends.

Overall PhotoChron is well designed and really easy to use. It has a lot of cool built in features too! I loved that the app comes with a face guide helping you center your photos, and also offers post editing in case your pictures still need a little tweaking.

Not only did I start taking daily photographs of my youngest, but my seven year old had a blast making a stop-motion movie with the app as well!

After shooting your pictures, all images are saved in the gallery where you can edit, crop, rotate, and preview your compiled video. It’s easy to delete the images you don’t like or add photos that you previously saved from your photo gallery.

I also love that the video’s can easily be shared  on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and even emailed to your family and friends. So fun!

Overall I am really impressed with this easy to navigate, and family friendly application!

To learn more about PhotoChron and download it to your Android device, go HERE.

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