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PetNet.io’s Automatic Pet Feeder


When I was at CES, I came across this product, and was super excited to try it out!  My dog can tell time.  As it’s getting close to 7 AM and 5 PM (the 2 times a day we feed her), she starts getting up in my face like.. Feed me, feed me, feed me, feed me!  Some days though, I am not home at those times, or maybe I have to go out of town, and my husband’s work schedule puts him away from the house during her regularly scheduled feedings.  When we both go out of town, we no longer need to hire someone to stop in and feed her a couple times a day and let her out.  With this device and a doggy door, we are all set.  She just might not be our friend for a few days when we come back!

The PetNet.io Smartfeeder is one of my favorite new products.  To set it up, you plug the bowl portion of the smartfeeder into the wall to charge it up.  Then you need to install the app on your phone.  The ONLY downside of this product is that it’s currently only available on iOS.  They assured me that Android was coming soon though!  Luckily, I DO keep an iOS device on hand for just such an occasion.

When you set up the app/smartfeeder it will ask you a bunch of questions about your pet and get you to connect it to your home’s wireless network.  There is also a button on the feeder itself, so you can manually feed your pet any time you need to.  You set how much it will dispense with the manual button inside the app…



My favorite part, though is the scheduled feeding.  We have a really large dog (Yellow Lab), and she eats more than one “feeding” will allow.  It’s super easy to get around this by scheduling her feedings back to back.  So, the first feeding goes at 7:00 and the second one goes at 7:01.  That way she is fed exactly the two cups we are supposed to feed her at each feeding.


Don’t take my word for it… Let’s get Holly’s opinion on the matter?

The smartfeeder will let us know when we need to add more food to the hopper (the big container that holds all the food), and will let us know that yes in fact she has been fed (if we were away).  I don’t know about your dog, but mine would DEFINITELY lie about having been fed.

The only thing for me to do now is to find a new chore for my son, since this handy little device just made his old job obsolete.

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