Palm Pre WebOS 1.4 = Video Capture!

Here is one of the things that I enjoy so much about my Palm Pre… You don’t have to buy a brand new device in order to get some really great upgrades!  This last weekend Palm released an update to it’s operating system.  One of the great new features is video capture!  This device is quickly becoming the only piece of hardware you need to carry with you wherever you go.  FacebkSome other great new features are the ability to have flash (still waiting on an app in the catalog from adobe for it to work though.), and a brand spanking new Facebook app that offers so much more than the previous app did.  One thing I was hoping would come in 1.4 was windows live messenger incorporated into the messaging app, but alas I guess I’ll still have to wait for that.  

Another feature that has been improved is the phone.  Now when you go into the call log there are several options for you to choose from such as a call history for that specific number and the ability to text, call, add to contacts, or view their contact card.  It is so much more useful than it used to be.

The last feature that I was super excited for is the ability to dial a phone number from a text message!  That was really starting to bug me.  Also you can email a text!

All in all I’m very happy with the new updates.  It does seem slightly slower than it used to be, but I’m sure they’ll fix that soon.  They have been churning out the updates like champs!!

If you have any questions about the Palm Pre (or any tech for that matter) just send me a tweet about it or you can comment right here on the post and I’ll answer them as soon as I can! 

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