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Palm Pre Plus Road Warrior Mom

Here’s a fun little video of the Palm Pre Plus in action during a typically busy day for a Mom!  Enjoy!


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  • I love this video! Shows just how much we Moms use technology in our day to day lives. Even though I don’t have a Palm Pre Plus, I think I’ll do a video of my day too!

  • Great video! Did you use the Pre Plus to shoot any of the video? It is now available, after the update to 1.4 from last weekend! Palm Pre Plus is a SUPER smartphone and SUPER for smart Moms!

  • Love your video!!! it’s so great. I can’t imagine my life without my actual paper and pen notebook as well as the palm…but that’s just me I guess. I am so so so hoping I will win your contest, if not then I am still going out to buy it (It will cost me $100 in my current plan as I am up for the new-every-two…) but I am still wondering if I should hold out for the nExus one. Likely I won’t, as I really am getting desparate for a new device…my treo is so done! the letters are totally peeling off and it’s such a CLUNKY dinosaur! I s hould be getting to bed soon…have fun!!

  • Great video! Makes me want one even more. I’m in a similar place to Rachel – my centro is slowly dying, but I’m not quite eligible for my next new every 2 discount. My desire to save $50 is currently overpowering my desire for the latest and greatest. But, if my Centro dies – everyone between me and the nearest Verizon store better watch out!

  • I had the Palm Pre (original) and I think I used it very similarly to the way you did, as a mom of two little boys. Great video. I just recently got an htc EVO Shift (partially based on your reviews, especially as a former Pre owner), but I was one of those who LOVED her Pre, not one of the haters. Just discovered your blog a few weeks ago while searching for phone reviews, and now it’s on my Google Reader!