Palm Pre Core Functions: Phone & Messaging

It’s no secret that I’m 31 years old.  I did not text in high school (we had pagers back then and had to come up with crazy numerical codes for different messages!)  It is also no secret that my husband, also 31, texts more than a teenage girl does!  His phone is constantly beeping with texts. Since I didn’t grow up in the “texting” age, I don’t know how to do the T9 junk, so the HUGE benefit of this phone is the pull out keyboard!  That is one reason I never wanted to get the iPhone either.  I wasn’t a fan of a virtual keyboard.  I like to see my whole screen and not type on it.  The keyboard on the phone is really nice feeling too.  The keys press easily and have a great texture to them.  The other little tidbit about my personal life…I HATE talking on the phone.  I have always prefered typing or a personal visit.  Most people know that the fastest way to get a response from me is to email me, IM me or text me.  So how does the Pre excel in this area?  Again the answer is SYNERGY! 

The messaging application on the Pre is threaded.  Which means I can scroll up and see my conversation with my husband from 2 weeks ago if I want.  It’s all in the same screen (incoming messages and replies).  It is very easy to tell who said what, and even pictures are in the thread too.

What REALLY sets the Pre apart from other phones is it’s ability to take IM (instant messaging clients) on the road with you.  When a friend of yours from Google talk is online on their computer there will appear a little green light next to their name meaning you can now chat with them on their computer.  When they go offline it turns into a text message on their phone, without missing a beat.  Instead of trying to catch your contacts at various locations, th Pre will find the contacts where they are and contact them accordingly!  What a SMART smartphone!

Oh and my phone actually makes phone calls too!  Calls are super easy to place.  I just open the phone application and start typing the name of the person I want to call.  I tap on their name and voila, the phone dials!  There are also functions in the saving of the persons number where you can place a “t” or a “p” in the number to automate the calling of a certain extension or different menu choices.

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*I wrote this review while working on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus campaign by on behalf of Verizon Wireless and have been given a Palm Pre Plus (and prizes for giveaways) to facilitate my review.

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