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This week I’m talking about the main functions of the Palm Pre, Plus and Pixi. Yesterday I spoke all about how wonderful the calendar is, and today I am talking about the email. I work an IT help desk from home. I also own several businesses, not to mention my personal life! As you can tell from the screen shot… I have more than a few email addresses to maintain. Here is how the Palm Pre’s email works best for me…

Exchange – This is the absolute BEST part of my phone. It sync’s seemlessly with Microsoft Exchange. My company email account is on Exchange. When a help desk ticket comes in, it automatically sends me an email. I have my phone set up to give an audio notification when an email comes in to this account. When I am out and about I can listen to voicemails that are attached to the email that comes in, or just view the ticket.  I can click on the phone number listed on the ticket or voicemail and either try and help them over the phone, or let them know when I’ll be back to my computer to help them with their computer problems.  Having this functionality REALLY helps me!  I am no longer tied to the house during the day waiting for tickets that may or may not come in.  If an urgent one comes in I can cut my errands short and head home to take care of the problem.  This function alone is completely invaluable to me.

The Rest – So the rest of my email accounts are POP accounts.  This is so helpful to me!  I have my Outlook set up to take items off of my server and download them to my Outlook account.  So when my laptop is turned off the Pre will get all of my incoming messages.  As soon as I turn my laptop on the messages download to my laptop and are removed from the Pre.  I don’t expect to do all of my emailing on the road so this way works out the best for me.  Urgent emails can get handled right away, and the rest of the emails can wait until I’m sitting at my desk.  I also like that my outlook will remove the messages from the Pre, so I don’t have two different places to delete all of my mail (and I get A LOT of email).

I also have a gmail account, but I really only use the google account for the calendar.  If I ever wanted yet another email address I’d use it too.  For now though I think I’m fairly set with email addresses though! 

With synergy I can click the top and view all of my new mail across all of my email addresses at once.  Just like I do on my laptop.  I would definitely be lost without this functionality!

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*I wrote this review while working on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus campaign by on behalf of Verizon Wireless and have been given a Palm Pre Plus (and prizes for giveaways) to facilitate my review.

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  • OMG! I just found your blog a few minutes ago and I have already read all your posts and LOVE IT! You’ve got a new fan! (and I SO want a Palm Pre now that I’ve read all about it). Thanks for all the great information!

  • I’m a help desk agent and I was at work the other day when a cusomer called to complain about the sound card in his computer. He said, “the right channel is comming out of the left speaker and vice versa” so I told him to switch the speakers and he felt so stupid he hung up on me! Humor is good so laugh. Anyone else have a good one?