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Contacts is another area where Palm’s Synergy really comes together for some useful features!  Again, I have contacts in several different locations, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, etc.  Some contacts are duplicated (I’m friends with my bosses on Facebook, and they are also listed in Exchange).  In this case the Pre figures that out and combines the information into one contact!  This also works out when you have some information in one place and more in another.  Like my friends who don’t post their phone number on their Facebook account, I can store their phone number in Outlook and the Pre will combine the information from Facebook and Outlook into one contact!

Now there are some complaints about this system.  First is that if you have several contacts in Facebook (most of which you don’t call on a regular basis) they will all download to your phone essentially cluttering up your contacts list.  This really doesn’t bother me though since the navigation within the contacts application is very easy to use.  I just start typing someones name and it pops up, so I never even have to scroll through all of my contacts.

Gmail BUG – There is one bug within Gmail that itwill not sync all of your contacts if you have any special characters in the name of the contact.  Get rid of the character and the rest of your contacts should sync right up.

Dialing, texting, emailing, or navigating to someone’s house is as easy as a click from their contact card.  Lots of fun fields for birthday, spouse, children’s names, etc etc to make sure you know everything you want to know about that contact. 

The last thing I love about how the contacts sync works is the photos!  I’m a very visual person, and I LOVE being able to scroll through the list and see all the pictures.  Also when someone calls in I can see from across the room who is calling me (as long as they’ve uploaded their picture to Facebook, or you have set a picture for them.)  Lets face it though… when is my phone ever more than 6 feet from my body… 🙂

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