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The day I got my Palm Pre calendar dialed in was the day I completely fell in love with this phone!  OK, I lie… the second I saw a demo of the Palm Pre before it was released was the day I completely fell in love with the phone, but I promise, when I got my calendar all set up I did do a little dance of joy!  OK… Here’s the situation… I work from home.  I have 2 kids.  I have a husband.  I HAVE to keep a tight schedule or either nothing will get done, or I’ll go completely crazy for the day! 

Since I do work from home I have a Microsoft Exchange account with my company.  Since I’m super crazy with my schedule and routines I have SEVERAL Google calendars set up.  Since I have a few friends and family I have my Outlook set up with all of their birthdays and the US Holidays.  Since I’m on Facebook there is a calendar there.  I’ve got calendars coming out of my ears!  I use each one for very specific purposes, and with the Pre, I can view one of the calendars, all of them, some of them… I can choose whatever I want!  So obviously each calendar is a different color, and I can obviously tell what is what.  This is where synergy really come into play.  My “routine” is in red, my appointmens are in pink, my daughter’s appointments & routine are purple, my son’s are blue, my husband’s appointments are in green, my exchange items are in orange, my outlook items are yellow, etc etc etc. 

The REALLY great thing about this Google calendar syncronization is the communication between my husband and I has GREATLY improved.  He has a Pre as well, and I set up his Google account to be able to see and edit all of my Google calendars.  All I had to do was give him access!  Then when I loaded his Google account into his Pre, all of our calendars showed up!  Obviously I didn’t need to give him access to our routines, because he’s at work during the day.  He only has access to his appointments, mine, and our children’s.  Now when I make an appointment for him for the Doctor, I can put it on his calendar and it will automatically update his phone’s calendar!  I can enter the address of his appointment and the phone number, and he doesn’t need to ask me for any information.  This also works for my appointments.  When he wants to see what is going on during my day, he just has to turn on his phone and look at my appointments on his calendar. 

The Palm Pre calendar is seriously the definition of synergy.  All of my schedules in every location they are in combined into one nice and easy view.  It’s enough to make this Organized Techy Mom swoon! 

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*I wrote this review while working on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus campaign by on behalf of Verizon Wireless and have been given a Palm Pre Plus (and prizes for giveaways) to facilitate my review.

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  • Hello,
    I am not a mommie, but as a father who is truly into technology I enjoy your site very much. You give great insight into the use and adaptation of tech into one’s everyday life. I was truly happy to read that you have and use your Palm Pre to make life so much easier. I have owed a Palm Pre since its introduction last year and I love hoe it interacts with my daily activities.
    Thanks for the great work, and I look forward to many more articles and insight from your creation.

    Mike Cornelius

    • when people “invite” me to different events over facebook. They go on that calendar. So mostly it’s for Tuesday Twitter GNO’s and other invites from friends via Facebook.

  • you’re gonna think I’m such a techno dunce, but when I had (actually, still have) my Treo, I figured I should open a gmail account so I could synch for free with my Treo, since you have to pay using the more upgraded YahooMail account. So, I set one up , and wouldn’t you know it, for whatever reason, I couldn’t get the synching down. You heard me right: I tried to upload all of my yahoo mail into my new gmail account so that could upload onto my Treo (which obviously I wouldn’t want to happen if I do get the Pre+), but this never happened.

    So I had to (and still do) just go in through the web browser to access my Yahoo mail since the gmail wasn’t synching.

    and calendars?

    Fahgetaboutit! I never ended up synching my treo with my desktop since we were always thinking, “we’re about the get a new computer and let’s not corrupt our computer with other software” so I’m always living on this edge like, “I hope I don’t lose it, I hope I don’t lose it…”

    I guess in prep for getting the Pre+ I should figure out my synching problem, right?
    I just dont wanna have to change my email name on my googleaccount, since I’ve always been rachelmolly

    where’s my IT guy?

    Obviously he doesn’t exist, and you’re the IT mama!