Palm Pre App Catalog Keeps Getting BETTER!

Today marks the official start of my month long love affair with my Palm Pre!  From all of my other discussions of my Palm Pre I caught the attention of Verizon and, who have graciously given me a Palm Pre Plus to check out for the month!  So hang on for the ride folks cause this month is ALL about the Palm Pre and how it can help your life.  Seriously, I don’t know how I survived without this phone.  Since I obsessively check the app catalog about 3 times a day to see if there are new apps, I realized that I haven’t even mentioned all of the wonderful apps I have downloaded and use (and LOVE) on a regular basis.  So get your Pre’s out and let the downloading commence.  Here are my top 5!  (tomorrow stay tuned for the rest to round out the top 10)

Twee – This is a Twitter app that looks absolutely beautiful on the Pre.  I love the fact that I can have all of my Twitter accounts on there.  The navigation at the bottom works smoothly and is very slick, I can see my @mentions, DM’s, lists, search users and trends, it is seriously the BEST Twitter app on the Pre (and there are certainly a few to choose from).  Support has been very quick to respond as well.  I asked a question and received an answer on Saturday night!  Way to work over time Twee developers. 

Absolute Fitness – Since I recently had a baby (ok if you consider 9 months ago “recent”) I’m trying to lose that baby weight!  I’m down 5 official pounds from when I really started trying to lose it.  Down at least 20 lbs from the day I brought my little Michael home from the hospital.  Anyway, Absolute Fitness was EXACTLY the Pre app I was looking for to aid my weight loss goals.  Everyday I am able to keep track of what I’ve eaten, and the exercise I have done.  I’ve never been much of a “calorie counter” but I’ve always just wanted to keep track of what I eat and if I’ve exercised that day.  This does that, and THEN some.  You can add customized meals, exercises, foods, etc.  You can also keep track of how much sleep you got, how many glasses of water you have had, and it will show you a break down of what you have eaten compared to what you should be eating for the day.  Excellent app!

Evernote – This app is Free, and is seriously the best app EVER!  I used to keep about 20 different tabs open in my Internet Explorer with things I wanted to refer back to.  Or I would favorite the various websites, only to never remember that I added it to my favorites.  Now when I find an article I want to refer back to, or a recipe I like, or items that I’m shopping for I just highlight it in my browser and clip it to Evernote.  Now, back to the Pre, I can access those notes anytime anywhere.  When I go finally get to IKEA I can refer to Evernote to remember exactly which cabinet I liked.  When I’m in the kitchen baking I can pull up the recipeI remembered I wanted to try right on my phone.  I don’t have to turn my computer back on, or find that website again.  It’s all right there on my phone for me to access whenever I want!  I seriously can’t believe it’s free.  I’d soooo pay for it!

IShelf – Let’s face it… I have a lot of DVD’s.  I LOVE movies, and I love TV.  So we have quite the collection.  iShelf appeared in the app catalog and I immediately downloaded it and started entering my collection.  The only drawback at first was that I wasn’t able to enter who was currently borrowing the disc.  The developers listened and added that functionality!  So now I can pull up the movie and see if it’s currently being loaned out and to who.  This is definitely helpful for us who can’t remember who has what.  We will never lose  movie again!  I also love browsing through the collection to decide what I want to watch that night.  Another great thing about this app is that you can create a “wish list” where you can pull up just about anything and put it on your wish list.  For example my list has a kitchenaide mixer, a trampoline, a dishwasher… you get the idea. 

Shopping List – I have downloaded just about every single Shopping List app in the app catalog.  This is the one I like for my regular weekly grocery shopping.  I’ll talk about another one for other kinds of shopping tomorrow.  I can create a template for meals I make on a regular basis with all the ingredients all ready added and it will add them all to my shopping list.  Also I have entered all of the aisles of the grocery store I usually frequent and the items that I purchase.  So all I have to do when creating my shopping list is to go into the list, start adding items from a store and start checking off all of the items that I am going to need for this particular trip to the store.  It is soooo simple and when I get to the store it’s sorted by aisle so I never have to go back to the produce section from the other side of the store because I didn’t see carrots down at the bottom of my list. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for favorite apps #6-10!  Also…. to kick off this month right I’m giving away a $25 Verizon gift card every week for 3 weeks… the 4th week is going to be the SUPER DUPER giveaway of a Palm Pre Plus!!  Even if you win one of the gift cards you are still eligible for the Pre giveaway.  So go ahead and enter today

*I wrote this review while working on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus campaign by on behalf of Verizon Wireless and have been given a Palm Pre Plus (and prizes for giveaways) to facilitate my review.

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  • I dont fall in to the mommy category but you should highlight the app “Whats for Dinner?” its such a great tool that searches multiple websites for recipes. I just found out about it and was soo impressed I e-mailed the author.

  • Great article indeed! I also received my Palm Pre last week. This is my 16th Palm as I started with the first Palm Pilot about 15 years ago. This is absolutely the best and amazing. One of the things I also do is keep all of my favorite and used recipes in Memos. We travel between two homes and it is so helpful to have the recipe I need right there. I too am intrigued with the Palm Pre App section. I have used Express for several years and love the fact that it too is free. I’m a 71 year old Grandma who loves her Pre.

    Hope more Mom’s buy the Pre.

  • It’s wonderful that we are getting a review from quite possibly THE BEST multitaskers on the planet. This is a great review and I look forward to reading more! I’ve already passed it on to my wife, who’s a new mom herself and a proud Pre owner.

    Please look for me on Twitter (@vara411) if there’s anything you need (that goes for your readers as well… no, I don’t work for Palm, just an ardent fan).

    I also have a blog on the Pre and I hope it’s not inappropriate for me to post the address…

    It’s basically a how-to site that breaks down all the little tricks I feel every webOS user should know, especially Moms. 🙂

  • Great info, Sarah. I’m still learning how to use my Blackberry (not because it’s tought, only because I’m from the dark ages and am trying to catch up.) Thought I was getting pretty savvy until I read about the Palm Pre. For the sake of us old folks, maybe you can take a minute and explain what an “app” is and how it works. Then, I’ll know I have to upgrade to a Palm Pre. Thanks.

  • I am a total gadget geek and I am also a Verizon Mommy Blogger. This phone ROCKS. I love seeing what apps everyone likes and can’t wait to find out what #s 6-10 are. I am compiling my own favorite apps list and will share it at some point.

    Love your site – will be subscribing 😉 Geek moms unite!
    .-= Char´s last blog ..Verizon Palm Pre Plus – The “Mom Palm” =-.

  • Hey there. I’m very interested in the Palm Pre Plus, but my biggest concern is it doesn’t have a removable memory to transfer pix and videos to my computer and/or print them! How do you do this?

    Thanks! (I heard about this website on Flylady!)

    Mom of a 2.5 yo daughter, nanny of twin girls, age 19 mos