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Organizing Coming Out My Ears!

Many of you may not know this… I have another blog.  It’s called the Organized Mom, and I kinda hated it for a long time.  Recently my sister and I had one of our “mastermind” meetings.  We meet together regularly to talk strategy and business plans.  She has a successful business selling a Healthy Kids Plate, and I have several blogs, software, and other projects.  We decided it was time to resurrect the Organized Mom blog.  We recruited our Sister-in-Law, Sue, to help write posts every week, and Amy and I also committed to writing posts on the Organized Mom blog as well.  It’s been going great so far!

It’s so great now, that I even decided to finish the ebook I started writing AGES ago.  So this weekend I spent a TON of time, changing the design of Organized Mom blog, and finishing up my e-workbook.  So today I’m unveiling my new e-workbook with checklists and worksheets to help you get your house organized!  It is called Organize Your Life in 20 Days!  It’s only $7.45 and fully refundable.  If you aren’t completely satisified with the purchase, you may simply request a refund.  Here are some product images…


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  • Congrats on finishing your eBook!! This looks sooo awesome. I learned a lot about eBooks this past weekend which has prompted me to FINALLY find the time to get the ones in my head that I have been thinking about for months OUT! Now I just have to find the time to do it. 🙂