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Let me admit to something here. I hate cooking. I hate meal planning. I’m just not that girl. Need me to fix your computer, I’m totally your girl. I’m just not that good at it, and I have to follow recipes EXACTLY. I am no good at playing around with ingredients. Luckily there are several websites for people JUST. LIKE. ME.  They will give you the recipes and the shopping list, and even cook it for you (ok, maybe I made that last part up).  I guess I still have to cook it, but it will take the guess work out of the rest.

The way I’ve done meal planning in the past, is just finding recipes and adding them to a separate Google calendar that is called “Meal Plan” I usually also list where that recipe can be found.  It’s definitely harder, especially when it comes to compiling my shopping list! What I really wanted to talk about though is actual meal planning services.


To go along with my health kick this week, we’ll start out with Super Health Kids meal planning service.  It’s really an amazing service, and is the only one that gives you breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for every single day of the week! Each meal is planned out by a registered dietitian, so you know they are going to be healthy choices for your family. This one can get overwhelming, just be OK with the fact that you really don’t have to make EVERY SINGLE THING on the meal plan.  You can choose 3 dinners to make and have leftovers the rest of the week, or do breakfast on Saturday, and do cereal the remainder of the week.  It’s really up to you how closely you want to follow it. If you have the time though, you can do every single one!  If you know that one particular recipe won’t work for you, you can customize your week by replacing the recipe with a different one from the favorites in your recipe box.  They also take a picture of every single recipe, so you know exactly how it will look.

Another really great option is Six Sister’s Stuff.  Their recipes are really tasty and “normal” if that makes sense to you, and usually pretty easy to make.  The downside here is that it’s only dinner, and it’s not customizeable like the Super Healthy Kids meal plan.


Another option is emeals.  The plethora of meal plan choices is one thing that really sets this service apart from the others.  You could do strictly 30 minute meals, kid friendly meals, gluten free, etc etc etc.  They really do have a ton of options.  This one isn’t customizeable as well, but with so many options in meal plans, that may not matter as much to you.


Lastly we have cooksmarts.  While it doesn’t give you as many choices as Super Healthy Kids does, it DOES have customization options.  You also can log your meals directly into MyFitnessPal!  Which is kinda amazing.  If you have instacart available in your area, you can even get your ingredients delivered right to your home! It also gives you a list of things you can prep on the weekend, so when it comes down to actual dinner time, you can make your meal quickly.

A few others I don’t have first hand experience with are The Fresh 20,  The Scramble, and No More To Go.  Now that my meals are planned for the week though… whatever will I do with the rest of my Saturday??





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