Obligitory BlogHer Post Part 2

awww… this is my last post about the happenings at BlogHer (I have some product posts on their way complete with giveaways sponsored by Microsoft Windows (a Netbook), Logitech (a Harmony Remote), and my full review of Windows Phone 7… did I mention it was AMAZING?)  Today it’s all about the people!

I woke up on Saturday, and went to the opening Keynote.  It was all about the International blogger’s that are making a difference.  Very fun to hear their stories.  It ran a little late, so again I didn’t want to bust into a session already in progress, so I decided to check out all of the sponsor suites upstairs.  I stopped into the Microsoft suite again and picked up my 2… count them 2 Netbooks that I won.  They gave me one and one to give away on my blog!  I was so excited!  Again, I loved everyone in the Microsoft suite.  When I finished there I stopped by the MyBlogSpark suite.  They had FOOD!  I’m talking REAL FOOD!  I was sooo excited!  I ate Pillsbury biscuits, Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, etc.  I was in complete heaven.  I even walked around and got seconds.  When you have been living on conference food (aka appetizers and random things like that) eating real food was such a treat!  It tasted extra good. 

I also was able to meet Tech Savvy Mama.  Tech mom’s of the world unite!  She was hanging around at theBitMomsbooth.  A great community for learning about internet safety and technology. 

After I was done upstairs I stopped by my room to drop off my goods, and then went down to hang out at the Geek Lab with my friend Shanna.  Did you know that Shanna is a fantastic Web Designer?  She is the genius responsible for my latest design.  Even though she’s a Mac, I like her anyway.  We hung out for a little while, and she helped a few people with some questions they had, and then I headed over to the advanced WordPress Design course.  I really enjoyed it because I finally got to meet Little Tech Girl, someone I’ve been tweeting with for a while since she’s a tech mom like me!  (Don’t you love how we are both totally sponsored with our t-shirts!  Go KitchenMonki.com!) 

I was also able to meetTechMama while waiting for an elevator.  I’m bummed we didn’t get to spend more time together though.  Next year we are definitely going to have a Tech Mom meetup! 

Then it was time to Par-TAY.  I mainly hung out with Deborah and Vikki, and seriously had soooooooo much fun with them.  Just awesome women that made me crack up constantly.  Then my roomie Momma Dcame up to me and said, “Hey I can win a Dell Netbook if I walk to the Empire State Building”.  So I said, OK, lets go!  It had become a fun little tradition of ours to go on late night walks around the city.  Even though her feet were more than sore from the previous 2 days of parties and swag related events, she WANTED that Netbook.  We walked to the Empire State Building (which was no quick jaunt) and checked in via whrrl…. and…. NOTHING!  No winning!  Then I tried… same thing!  DANG!  We walked all the way there for nothing.  I may just give her the second netbook to help heal the wounds, as we now have more computers in the house than people (I guess the dog can have the netbook, eh?)

I woke up on Sunday and ate breakfast at the Executive suite (being the daughter of a Hilton Diamond member has it’s privileges!)  I said a sad good bye to my roomates (except Cute Culture Chick because we live close and I know I’ll see her again soon).  Then I headed over to a Deli and hung out with For The M0mmas and Angry Julie.  Julie was excited to get all of her circle of help introduced to each other, which includes Napwarden (whom I also met at the Advanced WordPress class).  While at the deli my cousin Molly, who actually lives in New York City said she was just getting off the subway and was headed my way.  We got to walk around Central Park and chat about life and family.  It was great! 

I then hopped on a plane, and was on my way home.  I truely LOVED New York City.  Maybe when our kids are all grown up Hubby and I will get a place there.  It was really a fun place to be.  Times Square in the middle of the night is as bright as the day, and the city just moves so fast.  Just about my speed I think.

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