Nokia Lumia 900 and Why a Windows Phone is {Still} Better

It’s been seven months since I made the switch from the iPhone to aWindows Phone and I think it’s time for a little update, don’t you?

First things first: I love me some Windows.

Seriously, I have not been disappointed one bit since I made the change.

You all know I am a HUGE Mac fan, but I have found that my Windows Phone not only flawlessly works well with my iMac, I actually like the GUI (graphic user interface) soooo much more. Have you tried out WP yet? No overstuffed folders for me, thank you very much. Windows has a sleek large buttoned scroll style front page that is so much easier for finding your favorite apps.

And did you know Windows can be synced with your music and movies purchased in iTunes? Yeah, no one over at Apple is telling you that.  All I had to do was just install the Windows Phone 7 Connector from the Mac App Store and it’s so incredibly easy to put on my phone the same playlists and movies I had on my iPhone. You can easily upload your cell phone photos to iPhoto as well!

So are ya ready to see the hot new phone that I am currently using Windows on? It’s the Lumia 900 from Nokia. At CES this year it was most definitely the new phone with the biggest hype. (We even included it in our best of CES list!)

The Nokia Lumia comes if four different colors, and a lovely 4.3″ AMOLED display. Oh my crap, that screen is sharp! The 8 MP camera boasts Carl Zeiss optics, has a dual LED flash, auto focus, video calling, and a 1MP camera on the front. Nice!

Here’s some of my favorite features of the Lumia versus the iPhone 4S:

-Netflix! When on the go Netflix streams sooo much better on the Lumia. It’s gotta be that 4G my friends! The Lumia also has a fab battery that will hast up to 6.5 hours of video time. Sounds like it’s time for a road trip!

-Design. Is it just me or is the iPhone starting to feel a tad bit stale? The Lumia is so sleek and pretty in person! I really love the Live Tiles display.

-Size. It’s bigger baby! Small enough to still fit in your pocket, but also much bigger screen than the iPhone.

-Sound. The Lumia is crisp, clear, and louder than the iPhone.

There are a few things I would love to see the Lumia have that I know I will miss on the iPhone: screen rotation lock and screen capture. Give me those two things and I will be a happy camper my friends. Well, at least until Nokia comes up with another rockin’ cell phone. 🙂

To learn more about Windows on the Lumia 900, visit Nokia here. To get the latest scoop on Windows, visit Microsoft here.


Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post, however I was provided with the Lumia 900 for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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