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No TV and no internet make Sarah something something

Go Crazy? … Don’t mind if I do!  Today I have a wonderful post just about ready to go live about a great new product from Chicalogic called ChicaPC-Fix. The mission of this company is completely right in line with my goals and mission, and I’m looking forward to a close relationship with Chicalogic.

Here is the problem… Yesterday when I woke up, out DirecTV was down.  This can happen from time to time when our Satellite dish gets covered in snow.  There was no snow that morning, so I figured it would eventually come back on.  It hasn’t yet.  Then during he course of the day yesterday the internet crashed as well (which oddly enough also uses a satellite dish on our roof…have I mentioned I live in the sticks where I can’t even get cable?)  So, I phoned the intenet company, who had to escalate me to tier 2, since apparently people who are smart don’t work after hours.

So, now I’m writing a lovely post on my phone, which truthfully is not the best way to compose a post.

So when connections to the outside world resumes at my house, I will be able resume working…. Humph!

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