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NO, Facebook Will NEVER Charge YOU!

Wow, I’m almost getting sick of talking about Facebook!  I still have a video recording today about the new Timeline profile, which I think is pretty awesome.  I just wanted to address something I’ve seen wandering around people’s status updates again though.  I attended a seminar with none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself at BYU.  The question came up about whether or not Facebook would ever charge to use it’s service.  The answer directly from Mark Zuckerberg’s mouth was that NO, Facebook will never charge it’s users to use the service.  Really, at this point, they don’t need to anyway.  They earn plenty of money with those sponsored stories and ads on the left side of your screen when you are using Facebook.

It’s kind of like asking if Google will ever start charging to use it’s search function.  It’s just not ever going to happen.  So please stop spreading the rumors that it will.

Thank you!

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